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    In the speech that Mr. Kirov, the Soviet delegate to the European Council, made on the potential abolition of the EUSC recently, he mentioned that 'the only country that backs Mr. Duplessis is of course Angleter'.

    While it is true that the Angleteric government backs Mr. Duplessis' wishes to reform the EUSC, Kirov forgot to mention French Albyon, whose delegate also supports Mr. Duplessis, saying that 'the EUSC should be abolished and the abilities it once had should be spread among the commissioners so they can effectively carry out their duties.'

    It could be that Mr. Kirov made a genuine mistake, or that he sees that French Albyon's interest in the debate is less than that of Angleter, but he must remember not to forget French Albyon or anyone else in his ritual clashes with my nation.

    Christopher Khun,
    Former Prime Minister of Angleter.

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