Prospects for Regional Relations

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    Greetings Commissioner Smith,

    As a representative of the Federal Republic in the European Council, I would like to ask on behalf of all nations in the European Union: do you have any plans of strengthening ties between the European Union and the rest of the world?

    Should the European Union pursue closer ties to the regions of the world, we enhance the possibility of increased membership in our own region by further advertising ourselves to the world. By pursuing relations, we can build alliances and perhaps enhance economic activity and peace in the world.

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    I am interested in strengthening our ties with Democrats and continuing negotiations as to a merger, and I have also begun to consider the possibility of resurrecting the Atlantic Pact.

    Of course your nation, as the WA delegate state, will be instrumental in these kinds of negotiations and we also require your help in recruitment. I trust that you soon will register yourself as a recruiter nation?

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