Operation Marseillaise

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    A man in a brown trench coat was waiting at the intersection of Erbertstrasse and Behrenstrasse. It was a rainy night. At 22:13, a black Audi TT stopped at the intersection and the man boarded it.

    So planning is over, right?

    Yes. Operation Marsellaise is ready to start. We just need authorisation from the Central Command.

    Okay Marc, I'll call the Cent Com as soon as I can. One other thing. What will the Operation be?

    On June 22nd, three teams of four men each will board three planes of three different airlines. After taking off, the teams will take control of the aircraft and take them on a collision course with three objectives; the Chancellery, the Reichstag building and the seat of the Supreme Court. If we succeed, we will effectively behead the governation of the nation.

    Sounds ok. I'll talk to the Cent Com and then contact you as soon as possible.

    The Audi stopped in front of the Reichstag and the man in the brown trench coat left. When the car left, the man looked at the Reichstag.

    In six days, you'll be nothing but a memory...

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    'A man in a brown trench coat was waiting near a phone box. Suddenly, the phone rang and the man answered'

    What do sheeps do?

    Sheeps bark.

    Okay. We shall meet at RT at 18:00.

    'He then left the phone box and went to the Reichstag. A few minutes later, an Audi TT stopped in front of the building. One of its doors opened and the man boarded the car'

    Why the fuck didn't you carry out the plan?

    It was too difficult. When we arrived at the airport, we found they were testing brand new body x-ray security measures. We couldn't board the plane with the explosives.

    Okay. We shall have to change the plan. Do you have any second plan?

    Maybe. If we cannot carry our attacks on the aircraft we shall carry out attacks on trains. To make the worse, we though that we could carry them out at the same time as Bravo Group is going to carry their attacks on the Spanish rail.

    No, only Bravo Group's leader knows when the attacks will take place to avoid the risk of being discovered. Anyways, you've got my approval and that of the CENTCOM to carry attacks on the Berliner railway system.

    Okay. I will follow Bravo's example and I'll keep the attack's date up for myself.

    Let me say, in the name of CENTCOM and of myself, good luck with your mission.

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