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    General Information:
    Full Name: The New Parliamentary Republic of Os Corelia
    Short Name: Os Corelia
    Citizens: Corelians
    Official Language: Angle
    Other Languages: Swedish, Norwegian, Falimia
    Capital City: Aerodimus
    Other Major Cities: Kaldoon (Fallieja) - Port Harbour (Seacove) - Haladon Province (Falador) - Moss Gardt (Pietros)
    Landmarks: Parliament State (Leodis Square - Aerodimus) - Wall of Falador (Falador)- Harbor Centregat (Falleija)
    Religion: Catholicism 98% - Agnosticism 1.80% - None 0.20%
    Religious Leader: Cardinal Alderhilt

    Form of Government: Democratically Elected Parliament
    Elected Head of State & Parliament: Viscount Miltok Hargadoon (Os Corelius Party)
    Elected Head of Government : Prime Minister Katrushka Milios (Os Corelius Party) - Majority Gains
    Vice-President: Vice-President Trilishia Okozio
    Elected Ambassadorial Senator: Praetor Chantalise Blasko-Blatsko (CLD/EFP)
    Ruling Party: The Os Corelius Party
    Shadow Party: The Corelian Liberal Democrats (CLD)
    Opposition Leader: High Lord Arrico Lindstrom (CLD)
    Other Parties:State Index Party, Corelian Conservative Alliance, National Homelands League, Corelian Civic Union

    Region System: 9 States - Each state has 8 Constituencies - Each Constituency has 4 councils - Each council has 16 wards

    Military Information:
    The Corelian Sea Force - Lead By Admiral Okozio
    The Corelian Aeolian Flight Force - Lead by Admiral Katchariemptok
    The Corelian Land Defence Service - Lead by General Lanazitrevk

    Offifical Protector of Aerodimus - General Valhardt

    Minorities: Taloshian/Ozmani

    Embassy Location - The City of Kaldoon - Port of Falleija - Embassy District Designated with Security

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    State Fact File: Westfallon

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    Where the road meets the sea, may your back be blessed

    State Name: The Corelian State of the Isles of Westfallon
    State Capital: Last Point
    State Motto:Where the Road meets the Sea, May Your Back Be Blessed
    State Anthem: Soaring Hopes into the Sea
    Other Notable Cities: Tolchek Island, Eltiy Quays, Gweni Island, Kalsia City, Telfor, Fallanos, Treim
    Official Languages: Angle, Swedish
    State Religion: Roman Catholic

    Location of Parliament: Westfallon House, Last Point
    Head of State: Viscount Miltok Hargadoon (Os Corelius Party)
    State Parliament Majority Party: Os Corelius Party
    Leader of Regional Parliament: Lady Maleeka Perimnt

    The Westfallon State Parliament operates in an identical fashion to all other 9 states in the New Parliamentary Republic of Os Corelia. The parliament is led by the members of national parliament who represent the various constituencies within the state, it is also attended by members of the governing parties in local authorities. The parliament meets monthly to discuss legislation that can be made on a state wide level as devolved to the house by national government currently this includes: state budgeting and spending, cultural legislation, education authorities, maritime activities and trade negotiations.

    The leader of regional parliament presides over state parliament. The Leader is an MP from the party who has the most MPs in the state. Last general election in 2012 saw a tie MPs between the Os Corelius and Corelian Liberal Democrat Parties thus the popular vote was consulted on a state wide level along with the number of local authorities under party control in general election year. The Os Corelius Party came out on top of both criteria and after a meeting of the state party votes for Lady Maleek Perimnt MP for Last Point. Lady Perimnt holds the keys to the Parliament and is required every new years eve to lock the parliament gates and open them in the new year. The keys are presented to the Leader every general election year by the Viscount.

    The Westfallon State Parliament operates with 8 members of parliament who sit according to party on the front row of the hemicycle that is laid out left to right and the members with according to their political leaning. Behind the front seats are 4 representative from each council who sit together in a row for their authority and are positioned to their leaning.

    The state parliament also has a speaker provided by the electoral college. Current the speaker is Dr Jescada Lehoaya.

    State Constituency MPs
    Last Point - Lady Maleeka Permint - Os Corelius Party
    Gweni Island - Lord Haldian Aninino - Corelian Liberal Democracts
    Tolchek Island - Lord Kilmpt Vorgov - Os Corelius Party
    Kalsia Island - Lady Handra Liliash - Corelian Liberal Democrats
    Telfor & The Coast Bloc - Lord Habbaginty Avastio - Corelian Liberal Democrats
    Fallanos & The River Bloc - Lord Geltar Wolstenholm - Os Corelius Party
    Eltiy Quays & Shore Bloc - Lady Ravine Kellender - Corelian Liberal Democrats
    Treim & Viderval - Lady Mim Krimpke - Os Corelius Party

    Local Authorities (Council/Majority Party)
    Last Point - Os Corelius Party
    Gweni Island - Os Corelius Party
    Tolchek Island - Os Corelius Party
    Kalsia Island - Westfallon Homelands Party
    Telfor - Westfallon Homelands Party
    Fallanos - Corelian Civic Union
    Eltiy Quays - Green Bloc/Corelian Liberal Democrats
    Treim - State Index Party

    Members of The County Hall
    Count Harilos Jekerak of Eltiy Quays
    Baroness Jacinta Ordelstrom The Matriarch of Last Point
    Honorary Baron Bob Lyons of Tolchek Island
    Baron Herioc Kysterzen of Tolchek Island

    (Baron Lyons only has an honorary seat and is not active in the county hall due to not being a citizen of Os Corelia)

    Other Key Local Figures
    Head of Westfallon Fishing Authority - Ms Rhidi Lanzo
    The Matriarch of Last Point - Baroness Jacinta Ordelstrom
    Patriarch of Westfallon: His Eminence Cardinal Kindness Lindstrom


    International Airports: Westfallon Islands Itl (Last Point)
    Domestic Airports: St Gweni's Field (Gweni Island), Svent Pilgrim Airport (Tolchek Island)
    Sea Ports: Last Point, Gweni Island, Tolchek Island
    Cruise Ports: Gweni Island Liner Docks


    Cultural Venues: Westfallon State Open Air Theatre (Last Point), State Festival Park (Tolchek Island), Gweni Island Apitheatre, Lost Gardens Sports Arena

    Key Cultural Events: Coachella Music Festival (Tolchek Island), Tour of Corelia (State wide stage), Lind Festival, Missionaries Day, Easter Festival

    Military Bases
    CAF Arronsen
    CSF Last Point
    CSF Holdenstr
    CSF Eltiy Quays
    CSF Holdton
    CLF Kallastroem - Run by Halsberg Military Through Agreement

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