Emergency Commission Meeting

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    Following the resignation of the Premier Commissioner Jacques Duplessis, the Commission must decide who will take responsibility for the Commissioner, or if we should disband and hold new elections immediately.

    How should we handle this delicate situation?

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    I do not believe that we should simply dissolve this current Commission, which has only been in existence for seven weeks and has had considerable success both in recruitment and constitutional reform. To my mind doing so would be a knee-jerk reaction that would put to waste all the good work of this Commission. Of course it is still possible that Mr. Duplessis could return, and so I believe that for the next six weeks or so we should have a Temporary Premier Commissioner before reconsidering our status. I would be most happy to take on the Temporary role for this period.

  • I feel as though we should establish a chain of succession in the constituion for cases like this, and I feel as though we should do so in a hurry.

    French Albyon wishes to move for a constitutional amendment in order to establish a Chain of Succession after the Premier Comissioner

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    We need to work out the details. Should we have a standard line of succession (for instance, always Foreign Affairs, then Internal Affairs, then Defence, then Economics) or should the Premier Commissioner state his preferences once a Commission is sworn in (for instance, he/she may choose whomever is currently sitting in the Defence Office as second in line of succession, then Economics, then Foreign Affairs, then Internal Affairs) and not be whomever is sitting in a specified seat. Then, the next PC would appoint his/her preferences and they may not necessarily be in the same order.

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    I believe that it should be the Premier Commissioner's decision, as otherwise we will find the PC appointing their closest ally, not the best-equipped person, to the second-placed role. Also more Commissioners will be inclined to ask for said role.

  • I will be working hard to establish the Chain of Succession Amendment. The new proposition will be in the European Council's thread by tonight-tomorrow.

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