Late Night in the Republic of Gottesland

  • Reports from Information Administration,

    We are slowly, but surely releasing information about our nation to the European Union Community. What we have so far is posted and more is still coming.

    In recent news,

    Prime Minister Martin Jantz was recently elected as Head of the Government by the Federal Assembly in a close decision between Martin and his toughest opponent, Nicholas "Bear" Bollig, the head of the Conservative Republic Party. All of his opponents were experienced politicians and senators, even a former Prime Minister and a former President of State were Martin's opposition. But, Martin's experience as a senator of the power state in Gottesland, Saarbuck proves an valuable tool. " He is a bright light of hope for our future in the Government of Gottesland as well as the State.

    The President of State- Anne Kiser was too recently elected by the Federal Assembly. However, it was by an unanimous vote. Anne Kiser is one of the most popular young women in the Political world and "it was not surprised she won", said a long time, friend and foe, Senator Joe Rattley. "She had everything that is required to lead the State, maybe the Government as well. She is the second female President of the State of Gottesland. I will honorably and selflessly serve Ms. Kiser in my political and civic duty, so help me God."


    Economy is still looking like it is improving from the last quarter. But, do not get your hope too high. Remember what our newly elected Prime Minister Martin Jantz said, "It may look good in days or weeks. But, we are preparing for the months and years that are coming. Do plan accordingly, do not be afraid. We will get through this." This was from his speech about their conflict of criminals, or terrorists, that have been terrorizing few states to the South. But, those words can be applied to the economy and your personal finances.

    That is it for now, stay tune for more from Gottesland.

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