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    [FONT=Arial][SIZE=14]Os Cos Daily News Broadcast

    Today is the frist time Os Cos News Is Broacast Around The European Union

    Good Evening Ladies,Gentleman and Distinguished members of state Tonights Newscast will come to you from Miss Maleeka Gdysanovic and Dr Heilart Kromerzt (Doctor of Journalism)

    Maleeka: Tonight on OsCos News: Results are in a Os Corelius smash the mayoral polls as the last of the anti-incumbency parties seem to fall

    Dr Heilart:New plans announced for a cultural festival of arts across the nation

    Maleeka: Sports Ministry announces Tour of Angleter Bid

    Dr Heilart: Andaround up of entertainment andcutural news

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    Maleeka: Today the results of the mayoral election results were announced giving an overwhelming majority going to the incumbent Os Corelius Party. Political analysts have exated this day as the begginign of the end of the incumbency as Political Editor Shalima Kolledge reports ->

    Shalima: Today scenes of surpise and victory for the governing Os Corelius party as they took a majority of 10 out 16 Mayorships in the country top 16 cities with the 6 remining seat polls having Os Corelius candidates in second place. Many predicted a strong anti-incumbency rebellion would strike the party hard particularly witihin the outer terretories where OTIP were looking likely but it seems the unionists were out in force. Mr Jiomhon Piyliot of the Os Corelius party won mayorship of the city of Kammanas once thought to be an OTIP stronghold where in fact the party leader chose to stand in an act of defiance.

    Jiomhon Piyliot: I must admit I didnt quite expect to win this seat as OTIP are reknown in Kammanas with a council majority in the area. I willserve the peoples of Kammanas with fufilllment of all my promises in hope to reunite lost tohught wil the mainland. As a territory born man myself I know how important this region is an will be workin wih local MP Lady Hazadia Kooch on establishing a new identity for the territories.

    Shalima: Os corelius also saw surprise victories in FreiFreimanKusen and Pieder Hill which were considered safe havens of Love is Noise Party. Along with the outstanding results for the Os Corelius Party came break throughs for the State Index Associates Party and the controversial Lords of Empowerment Party with both party leaders taking mayorship of Oceanica and Old Taloshiin respectively. We spoke to Freita Frietgaan about sucess for the Lords of Empowerment-------------------->

    Freita Frietgaan: The victory comes as no surprise to us in the oldest of cities still relavent to the Taloshian dynasty. This new system f government does not work and we feel that politics is becoming too wild. Having the ruling class establishes harmony and instills reality that will stop wasting money on tangerine dreams!

    Shalima: Political analysts are calling this Tirnoc (peace) II but purely in a political sense as the public are choosing to back the party which brought deomcracy to the nation. Shalima Kollegde for OsCos News in Aeridimos Square.

    Maleeka: So Shalima what exactly do the election results mean in terms of a broader poltical spectrum?

    Shalima: Well Maleeka opinion polls are suggesting that there will be a strong dominance for Os Corelius in the next general election which is expected tobe called next year in an ahead of time move by Viscount Xavier to instill public interest to politics. It is predicted at this rate Os Corelius will gain control of all 8 regions. Also Maleeka it shows that the public are becoming disenchanted with the Love is Noise manifesto which has had no choice but to agree with every house vote inprincipal though party whips are encouraging against votes in an effort to secure public confidence.

    Maleeka: Does the election for an OTIP Mayor show onestep closer to Outer Territory independence?

    Shalima: I think it is important to recognise that Os Corelius have gained Kammanas the capital of the region and from here on in will try and swing opinion away from independence. As Jiomhon Piyliot dicussed himself as MP Lady Kooch will be drawing up plans to redesign the region including officiating a name for it to give the region a fuller indentity and feeling part of parliament instead of being islands off the mainland. The healing process will be long but int he long run worth it for the mainland. Plans are already inplace to redirect major industry to the region.

    Maleeka: What does the election of Freita Frietgaan as Major of Old Taloshiin mean?

    Shalima: As interior minister Lord Ziak commented this victory is quite hollow as the imperialist and partiarchal attitude that was expressed within Freitgaan's victory speech will be ultimately his downfall. Old Taloshiin is seen by many as the last outpost in the old empire and beacuse of this to instill a sense of city importance the people have chosen to elect a restorator.

    Maleeka: Thank you Shalima

    Dr Heilart: Today The Patron of Culture Lady Astollo anounced the creation of a new national culture and arts festival tot ake place in Kaldoon this summer. Over the last week of August over 50 bands will perform, 7 comissioned films will be shown, Over 40 new arts installments will be revealed and 24 premiere performances will be held. Here is our Arts and Culture reporter Thihom Gelderstaditz with the details. So thihom what can we expect in Kaldoon?

    Thihom: Well Heilart we can expect to see the msot amazing exhibiton of Os Corelian culture ever put on show. There will be exciting premiere performances including the national theatre's new play written by Lady Astollo called 'My Geilvasdt in The Fields of Wall Town' a lovely story of love and how realities can shape, build and destroy it, The Os Corelius chamber orchestra will e performin the works of English composer Simon Jeffes with falador folkists 'Freimitgezesten Gezesten!', Dance troupe Iayeliado will be performing a new work entitled the outer reachers exploring life in their native outer territories an a fascinating new film entitled 'Happy for your Suns' will be shown by reknown director Faziaz Vishektaam which is a story of finding hapiness in what makes other happy. Back to you in the studio

    Maleeka: Thanks Thihom

    Maleeka: In other news Outer Territory Industry Service IT Consultants and Aeolian Mode Records have officially nounced a partner sponser ship of a new Os Corelian cycling team who wil be racing the tour of Angleter. Team ldeaer has been revealed as Jimi Kalezny from FreiFreimanKusen who is the teams hopeful to win the tour.

    Dr Heilart: And finally its that time of year when the wall town music festival headliners are announced and boy do we have a treat for you! The 3 days extravaganza in the faladorian city of Wall Town's Aberscotch Park .

    The main stage healdiners are: The Clifford Village Band/ The Flaming Lips & The Liam Moulvihilt Experience

    The Soundhole/OsCos TV Stage is headlined by: The Be Good Tanyas/ The Wedding Present and Aerodions Dupront with Belleville Songs

    Tickets are on sale now at 55 Qotsmas a weekend ticket (1 Qotsma = 1 Pound Sterling)

    Thats all for tonight! Its got by form me Doc Heilart

    Maleeka: And im Maleeka good night europe!

    End theme music -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

    End of Broadcast

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    An OsCos New Broadcast

    Good Evening Ladies,Gentleman and Distinguished members of state Tonights Newscast will come to you from Miss Maleeka Gdysanovic.

    Maleeka: Exciting new today as Os Corelian cyclist Joiova IOMMANDAKILOSKIA has won the third stage of the tour of Angleter. He has also taken the green sprinters jersey. Khirad KAMMENSENT has taken the polka dot climbers jersey in the king of the mountain competition. This fantastic result lead the Viscount himself make this coment in parliament today.

    V.Xavier: I have recevied news that Khirad KAMMENSENT of Xantosia is winning the polka dot jersey and Joiova IOMMANDAKILOSKIA of Falador won today's stage and green jersey inthe tour of Angleter. I am very happy to hear of this sporting success and wish to commend the cyclists acheivments representing their nation with high valour. As I am sure my fellow Lords and Ladys of the opposition parties share the same view as my party does. We wish the team every success and will commend their success upon their return. I myself will be flying out to Angleter for the final stage to see how things turn out.

    Maleeka: This new is welcome at a time when rumours are floating around parliament of a severe security threat from former state now independent nation of Taloshia. This rumour is linked with the dissapearence of the lords of empowerment elected mayor of old taloshiin, a city believed to be still linked with the former state in ideals. There willbe mroe news as this develops.

    Thank you for watchingt his update and have a good day from everyone at OsCos news.


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