Triera, Imperium of

  • The Imperium of Triera is a vast and enormous nation with a long and fascinating history full of freedom, sacrifice, and democracy. The Imperium has a long history spanning several thousand years when it was first established by Imperator Petros Magnus who conquered the surrounding tribes and states and united them under his rule. He himself conquered what would remain as Triera?s borders to this very day and is regarded as the father of Triera and is still venerated to this day. The exact date of the creation of the Imperium has been lost to time but its struggle has not and the Imperators have always given the people a voice and listened when they spoke. Triera?s creation is marked with the creation of The Constitution written by the first Imperator, Petros Magnus. Triera offers something that is very rare in the world, the concept of Direct Democracy. When a law is proposed and/or passed by the Senate and the Imperator the people have the ability to gather and vote for it to be repealed or improved in a referendum.

    Motto ? We Stand Alone Together

    Capital ? Triera

    Largest city - Triera

    Official language(s) ? English de facto

    Government - Monarchy

    Imperator ? Maximilian Alexander Julius Magnus

    Population - 871 million +

    GDP - $33,259.10

    Currency - Euro

    Internet TLD - .com, .ti, .eu

    Calling code - + 14

    Triera Economic Statistics Exchange Rate:
    1 Euro = $1.5715
    Gross Domestic Product: $28,968,677,119,884.04
    GDP Per Capita: $33,259.10
    Unemployment Rate: 2.59%
    Consumption: $13,029,045,120,000.00
    Government Budget: $16,507,002,470,400.00
    Government Expenditures: $16,011,792,396,288.00
    Goverment Waste: $495,210,074,112.00
    Exports: $3,352,466,669,196.03
    Imports: $3,424,627,065,600.00
    Trade Deficit: $72,160,396,403.97

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    Thanks to Ludziekrusz for providing a website to use

    This is just a brief history and my first stab at it so be ready for updates

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