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    Reich Chancellery, Berlin Monday, August 17th 2009, 17:00 UTC+2

    The Chancellor sat in his seat at the meeting room. The entire military staff was present at the meeting, along with the Defense minister, Karl Rommelien, the Minister of the Interior, Wolfgang Schmidt, and the head of the Federal Coast Guard, Admiral Richard Heinze. Admiral Heinze started.

    Richard Heinze: Mr Chancellor, as you might have known, this month several fishermen and sailors have disappeared at the coasts of the Caspian sea. The last of such disappearances happened yesterday 55 km away from Bremerhaven. A ship with 24 fishermen sent a Mayday to the coast guard, we organised a search operation with choppers, airplanes and several voluntary fishing vesels and we found the lost ship at half past nine p.m. The ship had been abandoned by its crew and there were several blood stains everywhere on the ship which made us think of the possibility of an attack by pirates, but we soon discarded that option when we found this. 'The Admiral shows the chancellor some photos of a severed hand, hanging down from a radio device' Digital print tests identified the hand's owner as Friedrich Fechter, 52, the captain of the fishing vessel.

    'The Chancellor's military advisor, Commander Fitzner, intervened'

    Ludvig Fitzner: The CSI was quickly dispatched to the ship, they analized the entire ship and... well, they found traces of the Animortus virus.

    Robert Mainzer: Traces of the Animortus virus? But how is that possible? How could they get infected at the sea?

    Sir, do you remember the Berlin outbreak last year? We saw how the zombies threw themselves to the Spree river and reached the other side by 'walking' by the bottom of the river. Well, recent investigations with infected have shown us that the zombies don't need air to remain active and can resist the pressure of the bottom of the sea. Our theory is that, when the fishermen were collecting their fishing net, they catched some zombies of what we call a 'underwater swarm'. The fishermen might have tried to help them and, when they approached, they attacked the fishermen and infected them.

    But why weren't them onboard when the coast guard found the ship? Wouldn't had it been more normal to find some zombies crawling by the ship?

    Well, we suspect that, when they heard the sounds of the aircraft and the helicopters, they might have tried to reach them and may have fallen to the sea.

    Sir, we've got fears that there may be another outbreak, and it may be even worse than the last one.

    Hmmmm... I'm sorry but I don't share your thoughs, Commander. Karl, Wolfgang, what do you think?

    Karl Rommelien: Robert, I think that we should be more than afraid of a new outbreak. Imagine if simultaneous outbreaks started to occur all around the country. It would spark an unimaginable chaos that could mean the end of our country.

    Hmm... maybe you're right. Okay, we'll need to prepare for the worse. Fitzner, I want a full scale outbreak contingency plan on my desktop before the end of the month.

    'Each of the attendants to the meeting stood up and left the room'

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    Reich Chancellery, Berlin Sunday, August 23rd 2009, 16:00 UTC+2

    The Chancellor was sitting at his office while reading the newspaper. More fishing ships had disappeared at the Caspian Sea and the disappeared fishermen toll was approaching the hundred. Someone knocked the door and entered the room. It was Commander Fitzner, he was carrying a 200-page portfolio with the acronym "ARCPAU" written in red at the front.

    Chancellor Mainzer: Is this the Contingency Plan for the Undead menace?

    Fitzner: Yes sir, it defines how we should deal with an apocaliptic-scale living dead outbreak.

    Could you give me a summary of the main points of the Plan?

    Of course sir. The Plan, acknowledging that not every citizen can be evacuated from the risk zone, suggests that we evacuate the most valuable citizens and military forces to a safe zone protected by natural barriers such as rivers, mountains, valleys... so we can regroup and prepare for retaking the country.

    Okay, and waht about the other citizens of the country?

    They'll be sent to fortified safezones away from our main safezone so they can attract the undead to them and get them away of our safezone. Obviously, they'll have to be resupplied with a massive air operation involving thousands of cargo planes.

    Wait a moment. Do you mean that we're gonna use them as a bait? That they couldn't be saved?

    It seems that it is what it is.

    May god help us if this does ever happen.

    Fitzner left the office as the Chancellor was reading the "Appropiate Response Contingency Plan Against the Undead"

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