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    News Service of the Arab Republic

    Mossafa Pursues Uranium Enrichment Program

    Glorious Leader Tariq Aziz announced today the creation of a uranium enrichment program for peaceful civilian uses like nuclear power to begin in 1431 AH (January 2010 on the Judeo-Christian Gregorian calendar).

    The announcement was met with cheers and cries of joy in the streets as President Aziz promised the nation that ?a new era of prosperity and power for Mossafa will begin when we have tapped the blessed atom?.

    The program will take place under the supervision of General Khaled al-Mumit of the Air Defence Forces, who stated that ?the military presence on the project is strictly to ensure protection from corrupting foreign influences and ensure the sanctity of the program itself?.

    Several prominent opponents of the uranium enrichment program have been detained in their homes for attempting to sabotage the plans and incite violence against the Mossafan government.

    President Aziz said this of the opponents:

    ?We have seen this kind of violent opposition before. It is often caused by foreign influences, particularly Belarian influence. The time has come to disregard sanctions from foreign devils and embrace our destiny!?

    The speech at the capital was met with rousing cheers and, of course, chants of ?Death to Belarum?.

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    News Service of the Arab Republic

    Mossafa Tests Intermediate Range Missile

    A glorious day has come in the Arab Republic of Mossafa, as the Air Defence Forces have successfully tested the new Shahab-3.

    The Shahab-3 has a range of nearly 2,000 km, which is more than enough to counter the recent aggressions of the decadent, corrupting nations of Angleter and Gro?deutsches Reich.

    The Reich has recently threatened the Arab Republic with military posts along the border between our two nations.

    Leader Aziz released a statement today confirming the test firing of the new Shahab-3 into the Caspian Sea.

    President Aziz went on to affirm that Mossafa will be undeterred in its pursuit for peaceful nuclear power.

    The test was met with celebrations across the country, which included in some cities the burning of Angleteric, Belarian, and Gro?deutscher flags.

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