Catalunya - Occitania

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    The Federal Republic of Catalunya - Occitania

    National flag:

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    National coat of arms:

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    National anthem:

    Els Segadors

    National holiday:

    3 October (Day of Independence)


    Capital city:

    Catalan (official), occitan (official) and German

    State system:
    Democratic-parliamentary federal state

    5 states (Catalunya, Occit?nia, Illes Balears i Piti?ses, Pa?s Valenci?, Ciutat - Estat de l'Alguer)

    Time zone:
    Central European Time (CET)

    1 euro = 100 cents

    Telephone country code:

    Power voltage:
    230 V, 50 Hz

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    Country name

    conventional long form: The Federal Republic of Catalunya - Occitania
    conventional short form: Catalunya - Occitania
    local long form: Rep?blica Federal de Catalunya - Occit?nia
    local short form: Catalunya - Occit?nia

    Government type
    Democratic-parliamentary federal state

    name: Barcelona

    Administrative divisions
    5 states (Catalunya, Occit?nia, Pa?s Valenci?, Illes Balears i Piti?ses and L'Alguer*)

    *L'Alguer is a city and State formally.

    Major Cities
    Barcelona, Montpelhi?r, Tolosa de Languedoc, Val?ncia, Ciutat de Mallorca.

    Basic Law*

    adopted by referendum December 30, 1954, effective January 12, 1955

    * this treaty stableshes Catalonia - Occitania as a federation of States (each one keeps its own Constitution)

    16 years of age; universal

    Executive branch
    chief of state: Jordi Maragall
    head of government: Prime Minister Montserrat Schr?der (since september 08, 2009)

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