Ayfor Demography

  • Constitutional Monarchy of Ayfor
    "I meant political cleavage."

    Ayfor is a fledgling, environmentally stunning nation, renowned for its devotion to social welfare. Its compassionate, intelligent population of 5 million are fiercely patriotic and enjoy great social equality; they tend to view other, more capitalist countries as somewhat immoral and corrupt. The enormous government concentrates mainly on Social Welfare, although Education and Healthcare are secondary priorities.

    History - Before the division of the Empire of Forethrogenar, the inhabitants of the small province of Ayfor were of the many that were forced into population control. Birth limitations were imposed to stem growth. Emperor Dumor, while claiming political advisers from every province, made decisions often without the consent of the populace.

    Dissent formed after an unpopular edict (Meatloaf Day) was issued by the emperor, leading to many attempts on his life. One finally succeeded, by the hands of one of his most trusted lieutenants no less.

    The emperor dissolved into so many minor states. Several former provinces combined to form a single theocracy, which contended militarily with the theocracies and confederacies formed by the other provinces. The people of Ayfor, a pacifistic and nonreligious bunch, chose to form a stable government that had a figurehead but was still controlled in part by the people. The people chose Dietrich Winfried, the former emperor's most clear-minded and tolerant adviser, to be the first King, which would be passed down through his lineage as long as it ran.

    Capital: Cannstrom
    Largest City: Anatoli
    Official - None
    Unofficial - English, German, Russian
    Population: ~624,000,000 (January 10)
    Currency: Euro (?)
    Head of State: King Dietrich I
    Head of Government: Prime Minister Heinrich Bernhardt
    Nonreligious/Atheist - 64.67%
    Buddhist - 15.05%
    Muslim - 11.40 %
    Christian - 5.93%
    Other - 2.94%

    Department of Agriculture - Ivan Daletzky
    Department of Defense and Security - Aaron Baxter
    Department of Foreign Affairs - Guy Luther
    Department of Finance and the Economy - Amalie Fokine
    Department of Justice - Darya Zhdanov
    Department of Health and Human Services - Joachim Rothschild
    Department of Transportation - Mackenzie St. Ellen
    Department of Education - Ciar O'Hanlon
    Department of Energy and the Environment - Stefan Chu
    Department of Culture - Oskar Vickson

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