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    The flag represents the 12 regions of Endarta in gold in sizes relitive to their proportion of land area.
    The Community of Endarta
    The Community of Endarta is a small state within the European Union in south-eastern Europe. Founded as a community in 2009 after being, originally, a group of independent cities, Its capital city is Penzance which also houses the local government, Kernow is the largest city and the largest economic centre in Endarta. Endarta became a European state on the same date it became a nation, this date is celebrated as Establishment day on 25th August each year.
    The area now known as Endarta was first inhabited by Neolithic and then Bronze Age peoples from the north and later (in the Iron Age) by a mix of Eurasian settlers from far south eastern Europe. Today the national economy is varied and modern, the nation is stable and growing in population. The largest portions of the economy are made up from biomedical and mechanical science firms, however, the service sector has grown substantially over all other sectors and the creative industries sector continues to grow at a steady pace. Endarta does not have access to oil or natural gas reserves and relies on imported natural resources, as such, green energy has been a major developing industry.
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    The coat of arms represents Europa and the Bull in representation that Endarta was initially conceived to become a European State.

    More to come

  • More to come

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