The Disputed Territories of Provincies

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    Territories of Provincies
    ?nationalism, secularism, socialism, and despotism?

    National Anthem:
    Our Homeland

    Formal Name: Disputed Territories of Provincies
    Conventional Name: Provincies
    Abbreviation: DTP
    Demonym: Provinciers

    Capital City: Tattari
    Language: English
    Official Religion: Confuscianism
    Independence: 2000
    Population: 6.00.000 (as of September 2009)
    Currency: Euro (?)
    Internet TLD: .tp
    Calling Code: +19

    Government Type: Despotism
    Head of Government: Secretary-General
    Departments of the Government:

    • Department of Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications
    • Department of Health and Home Affairs
    • Department of Foreign Affairs
    • Department of Finance
    • Department of Economic Affairs
    • Department of Justice and Police.
    • Department of Military Affairs, Civil Protection and Sports

    Legislative branch

    • Elite Assembly

    Provincies is ruled by small elite groups. Elections for this 'Elite Assembly' are held every 7 years. The people can then choose to vote for one of the three legal parties; The Red (Socialists), The Blue (Liberals) and The Green (Environmental). The party with the most votes controls the government for the next 7 years. However, a minimum of 40% of the votes is required to claim victory.

    The Red's were the first party to control the government of Provincies After the elections of 2002. Now, in 2009, the Blue's have made it into the government.

    The economy is largely based on the communism doctrine. Hower, recent developments have given the economy a slight touch of capitalism. Salaries are no longer equal and prices are set by scarcity. The public sector is still very large. The national airliner, telecommunications, enerystations and transportation are 100% owned by the government. Intentions for privatizations are absent

    A space program has succesfully launched 30 satellites into space wich grand the Territories an good telecommunications and internet network. Plans are on the way to expand this network with more civilian satellites aswell as new military ones.

    Foreign Affairs
    Currently the Territories of Provincies does not hold any special relationships with other countries. Tension has existed with neighboring Dorozsma about territorial claims [Since then ?Disputed? is added to the countries formal name]. Recent dialogue however, has taken away hostilities on both sides. The Territories of Provincies tends to have a policy of being neutral.

    International Organizations
    Currently the Territories of Provincies is making more effort to join regional campaigns within the European Union. This has become possible since the cooling of the conflict with Dorozsma.

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