T?glicher Sozialistischer Arbeiter!


    The Social Democratic Party of Prussia has seized victory in the Prussian elections today, after widespread demonstrations led by our brave Communist Revolutionary Party of Prussia workers forced the King to order a revote on the fixed election earlier this year that saw the corrupt Conservative Prussians win with a suspicious 71% of the vote.

    However, the SPP only gained 34% of the vote, and so turned to the great KRPP, who came third with 21%, to join their honourable coalition. Only the Conservatives, who scored 23%, were also able to form a coalition. Thus our men drove a hard bargain, and have gained 7 of the 17 cabinet posts- Interior Ministry, Justice Ministry, Defence Ministry, Labour Ministry, Transport Ministry, Culture Ministry and Equality Ministry.

    May the revolution continue both in this coalition and with the inevitable KRPP triumph in the next election!


    It has emerged that the supposed champion of the workers, SPP leader and Prime Minister Albert Hussberg, has engaged on several occasions in illicit sexual relations with two under-age rent boys. Hussberg has so far denied his betrayal of the hard-working Prussian workers, but the KRPP has brought forward irrefutable proof, including the statements of the two rent boys, who we can expose as being named as Gunter Rotmann and Friedrich Hohenbert. They insist fully that such events happened, and it only remains for the fascist traitor of the Prussian people to resign.

    The KRPP has already demanded that they shall leave the coalition by December 25 unless the once-popular Hussberg, the man who campaigned wholeheartedly for Capital Socialism instead of the KRPP's pure and fair Socialism, has resigned by December 24. We completely support our Party of Labour in this action, as paedophiliac sodomites have no place in building a fair, free and equal Prussian society!


    Today the people of Prussia go to the polls with a mandate to decide the future of the Prussian nation! There are two options- to continue with the current reggressive and evil Hohenzollern monarchy that has stifled Prussia for 500 years, or to end Hohenzollern dictatorship and become a republic, the first step towards abolishing all outdated systems of government and becoming a true socialist nation!

    The Social Democrats, in a pitifully populist show, demanded the referendum of the monarchy, or else there would be a free republican coup d'?tat! This was a sudden move, although the KRPP has always supported the national change referendum that is to occur today.

    We say, that there must be for the Prussians a Republic created by will of the people- to serve and defend Unser Nationaler Gesundheitsdienst (Unser NGD), that was the first creation of our party when in coalition with the SPP in 1985- and to make Prussia the greatest land on Earth!



    The shackles of monarchy have ended! Yes! By will of the people, the Prussian nation is a Republic! In a vote that is sure to be disputed by sore-loser monarchists and foreign capitalists, the Prussian people elected by large majority to choose a Republic for the Prussian nation!

    The results of this wonderful ballot were:

    Frage: M?chten Sie ein Republik f?r das K?nigreich Preu?en?

    JAWOHL! 65.8%
    NEIN. 34.2%


    Question: Would you like a Republic for the Kingdom of Prussia?

    OF COURSE! 65.8%
    NO. 34.2%

    Thus, our nation strives forward, as, by will of the people and the KRPP, all of the monarchist royal family have been arrested for treason by means of years of bad rule and stirring up hatred against the Republic! We are now free from impediment in forming a truly Socialist Prussia!

    Heinrich Auchbar of the SPP has been named Temporary President of the General Republic while the form of the Republic is decided by a Constitutional Committee, of whom 7 out of 21 are Communists. Our candidate is, of course, the magnificent Leader of the KRPP, Walter Gr?hlmann, and he is one of the favourites to assume the role at the start of November.

    We wish for a Socialist People's Republic to be established with a Parliamentary-elected President! The Parliament should be elected by Workers' Councils in each town, but the capitalistic swines of the rest of the Committee seem to be in favour of a 'National Republic' along the lines of the previous system albeit without a monarch.


    Yes! Our Comrade Walter Gr?hlmann of Wittenberg, Sachsen, has been elected to the post of President of the National Republic of Prussia! He won the Parliamentary vote 607-533 over the pro-monarchy, reactionary-conservative leader Angela Kasner from Danzig, Westpreu?en.

    The President shall, unfortunately, have a role much like that of the monarch. He shall be a ceremonial figure with the reserve powers to dismiss Parliament and temporarily suspend the Constitution, ruling by decree for three months.

    However, this is, albeit small, an important step in Prussia's road to Socialism!


    Ungrateful bourgeois fools today poured out onto the streets of Danzig in West Prussia, led by Angela Kasner, to protest against the Republic and call for a new Prussian monarchy.

    The trouble turned violent as one of the protestors shot a police officer, resulting in a mass brawl that killed fourteen police officers and an unknown but low number of monarchists. This has resulted in, tonight, more violent attempts to unsettle the legitimate Republican government across Prussia.

    It now turns to our President Gr?hlmann to act.


    Our President, Walter Gr?hlmann, has announced that, in accordance with Article 37 of the Prussian constitution, he is as of 12th November 2009 to declare a State of Emergency in our Republic.

    This move dismisses the Landtag and Cabinet in favour of rule by Presidential decree and direct Presidential control of the army and police. The Constitution is hereby suspended for three months, however it cannot be changed or replaced unless by a public vote of 50%.

    This bold move comes after widespread violent monarchist demonstrators began to seriously threaten the Republic's existence. This move by the President seeks to give a strong hand to the Republican side in this fight, and so we agree with him.

    The revolution has a place for Our President, but no place for monarchist scum!


    Our great President, Walter Gruhlmann, has published a new constitution for the Prussian people in what is to be called the 'People's Socialist Republic of Prussia'. In it only the KRPP vanguard will be allowed as a legal party, and the Landtag shall be abolished in favour of the Party itself- governed by a Workers' Commission elected by all members of our Party. The office of President is to be combined with the role of President of the Workers' Commission and Chairman of the Party.

    Local government shall be run by a Minister-President elected by all Party members in the Province, which shall be further divided into Districts run by an appointed Party official. This system thus abolishes any chance of capitalism developing, as all politicians are members of the Party. One must be a member of the Party to be a judge, civil servant, or member of the professions, and private enterprise and religion are banned. The Party shall also control the armed forces and police to stop any military coups for capitalism and monarchism.

    The constitution also embodies protectionism and self-reliance against all capitalist nations, and declares that all people should be proud of the nation, Party, President, and Health Service. The true proletarians are defined as the farmers, and the President absolutely intends for the majority of the people to work not in the cities but in the country, working to feed our people.

    This constitution shall be voted on tomorrow, and we are absolutely certain that the Prussian workers shall outvote the capitalist fiends in favour of the new constitution achieving our aim since our foundation- A TRULY SOCIALIST PRUSSIA!


    Good news everyone! After a vote that the evil capitalist media of the rest of Europe has described as 'rigged', the workers of Prussia have voted by majority of 94% in favour of a Socialist Prussia! An emergency KRPP conference shall be held on Monday to establish the new political system of the Prussian people.

    Traitors Angela Kasner and the former Royal Family have left the country and gone into hiding, however the Prussian government is set to ask all capitalist governments, especially Angleter, whether the traitors are hiding in their nation. We intend for them to be extradited and executed after inevitably being found guilty of high treason against the People's Socialist Republic.


    Der Rote Wedding

    1.) Links, links, links, links!
    Die Trommeln werden ger?hrt,
    links, links, links, links!
    Der rote Wedding marschiert!
    Wir tragen die Wahrheit von Haus zu Haus
    Und jagen die L?ge zum Schornstein hinaus,
    Wie uns die Genossen gelehrt.
    Wir n?hren den Hass und wir sch?ren die Glut,
    Wir heizen die Herzen mit Kraft und Mut
    Bis der Prolet uns geh?rt.

    Roter Wedding, gr??t Euch, Genossen,
    Haltet die F?uste bereit.
    Haltet die roten Reihen geschlossen,
    Dann ist der Tag nicht mehr weit.
    Schon ergl?ht die rote Sonne flammend am Horizont.
    K?mpft, Genossen, Sturmkolonne.
    Rot-Front! Rot-Front!

    2.) Links, links, links, links,
    Ein Lump wer kapituliert.
    Links, links, links, links!
    Der rote Wedding marschiert!
    Sie schlagen uns die genossen tot,
    Doch der Wedding lebt und Berlin bleibt rot.
    Es w?chst unser heimliches Heer
    Und holt das Volk seine Freiheit zur?ck,
    Dann sp?rt der Faschist unsere Faust im Genick.
    Dann entrissen wir ihm das Gewehr.

    Roter Wedding, gr??t Euch, Genossen,
    Haltet die F?uste bereit.
    Haltet die roten Reihen geschlossen,
    Dann ist der Tag nicht mehr weit.
    Schon ergl?ht die rote Sonne flammend am Horizont.
    K?mpft, Genossen, Sturmkolonne.
    Rot-Front! Rot-Front!


    In a press release to the hard-working people of the Prussian nation, and to the capitalist world at large, the People's Government of the People's Socialist Republic of Prussia has announced that our Great Military Expansion has been completed, in accordance with the spirit of self-reliance.

    To avoid invasion from capitalist nations and from counter-revolutionaries within the VSRP, the government has greatly expanded the military to include 5 million of our hard-working citizens. Our nuclear capabilities have increased eight-fold, our military is now the fourth-largest in all Europe, and our navy and air force have been bolstered and modernised. All royalistic and capitalistic facets of the military have now been removed.

    It is said that, while Prussia is changing to a mostly agrarian socialist State, the arms manufacturing industry shall remain and shall continue to grow, consuming all other factory-based industries as it grows.

    In other news, President Walter Gr?hlmann is to make his April these this coming week. It is expected to be a clarification of Prussia's grand and true Communist ideology, and an attack on capitalism and corruption across the EU.

    Socialist Prussia shall succeed!


    Revolutionary peoples of the People?s Socialist Republic of Prussia, and capitalist fools of the other parts of the European Union, I am taking the opportunity of my glorious April These to comment on both my nation, and the other nations.

    It is with undoubtable truth that I say today that a great threat to Socialism as it should be today is that from the Grand Marquessate of Angleter. This is a nation despicable in all its ways- a shamelessly capitalist nation, where all that is counted is profit and GDP per capita, where the rich are left to exploit the proletarians and own the land the Angleteric peasants tend. Angleter has a ridiculous so-called ?semi-national? healthcare system, where private corporations and their evil ways are left to their devices and supported by the government, which forces the brave and poor people to purchase medical care from the corporate giants.

    Angleter shows in addition the worst traits of the former Kingdom in Prussia- an odious regime based on expansionist doctrine- look at Angleter invading the sovereign people of Neo-Venetia in 2008, and look how they attempted to vanquish the legitimate government of the Social Republican Party in favour of their own regime of so-called ?free and democratic? corporate occupation! I wish to clarify that we are responsible for the backing and funding of the Social Republican Party in both its armed and political wings- ?Count? Michael Curtis is simply the first of many reprisals our friends and legitimate leaders of Neo-Venetia shall make with our proud help against you, ?Grand Marquess? Joseph ?the Fourth? Elkhand!

    Monarchy, in all its forms, is an evil system opposed by nature to the true ideals of equality, unity and socialism! The Grand Duchy of Brecon is ruled by a so-called ?Socialist? Party, yet it has not taken a single step to abolishing the feudal relic and its tenant, Enguerrand Coucy! Angleter, again, is worse in its ?established religion? folly! Roman Catholicism, supported by the evil triumvirate of Inquista, Angleter and Nazione Italiana, must be vanquished from this Earth- Prussia is openly hostile towards the Santa Sede-Citt? del Vaticano, and believes that it cannot exist if the proletarians of the evil triumvirate are to establish a true Communist society, like we are here in Prussia.

    Now I move on to the Great Capitalist Powers of Europe. The so-called ?Greater German Reich?, which seeks to declare a monopoly on the Germanic peoples while conveniently forgetting the only Germanic peoples who are hard-working and true (I speak, of course, of our great Prussian people), remains a relic of the Nazi Fascist Capitalist state that it once officially was. In the ?GDR?, as I shall call it for convenience, the main party is the ?Free Democratic Party?, which is a liars? party, for it has no intention of establishing freedom or democracy in the GDR. It continues with silly representative systems, and supports neoliberalist and exploitative capitalist thought, while offering a false notion of ?free speech?- that obviously does not include freedom to oppose one?s capitalist and bourgeois ?superiors?! The GDR continues to support its expansive and relentless space exploration programme, which harkens back to the days of Lebensraum and Adolf Hitler- not content with conquering its land neighbours, it now wishes to conquer the whole universe!

    Today, the GDR is at war once again, this time attempting to expand its Lebensraum into the sovereign Spanish Republic- currently ruled by a reactionary general who took over the nation to stop the rise of progress in Spain. We are unsure in Prussia as to which nation is worse! The Nazi invaders, or the Fascist reactionaries? Hopefully that war shall continue and debilitate both nations to the point of impending revolution!

    The Federal Republic of Belarum is another metropolitan capitalist republic- while it has maintained a nationalised healthcare provider like Our NGD, it is still a nation of extreme failure. Capitalism remains rife, and Belarum has turned away from the welfare state towards neoliberalist thought in the last 30 years, standing defiantly in the way of progress. The Duxburian Union is another inglorious capitalist nation, in the vicinity of the great evil of Angleter. It nobly opposed the Angleteric attempt at seizing Neo-Venetia, but for all the wrong reasons- the Duxburian Union, and to a lesser extent the other ?EUSC powers?- defenders of the capitalist status quo to you and I- want to rule Neo-Venetia for themselves! It also has an obnoxious religion called ?Dalaenism?, and a foolish semi-anarchic system, which believes that the State should have minimal control of national affairs! How more capitalist and idiotic could that nation be?

    However, these ignorant fools are all irrelevant when put in the shadow of the true enemy to real Prussian Communism, the nation that proclaims in itself to be Communist! I speak of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, which I shall call Russia for convenience, and since it is unworthy of bearing the title ?Socialist?. Russia has long deviated from the path of true Communism- it has never been ruled by a true Communist party- only by one that puts the interests of the industrial workers above those of the peasants!

    Russia was the EU?s first Communist state, established by Vladimir Lenin. We know not what direction Lenin would have taken, but in his old age and as his mental faculties deteriorated, he attempted the introduction of pseudo-capitalism, whereby the weed can be left alone if it remains small. This folly was destroyed by Iosif V. Stalin, who fathered the great policy of collectivisation, which I intend for Prussia to master as the perfect ideology. However, Russia has never been a true Communist society! No- it has always sought to destroy and not preserve nature by the means of excessive industrialisation, and it has backed the false notion of ?Socialism in One Country?- how can a nation call itself Communist and be so ambivalent to the global movement? Answer- it cannot! We believe, as Stalin did, in the spirit of self-reliance, but we are by no means isolationists!

    And since the 1980s and the rise of Mikhail Gorbachev, Russia has gotten even worse! Such Bukharinite deviations cannot be accepted or called Communist- they have returned to and extended Lenin?s great misadventure, and now even allow the people to publicly advocate capitalism, and allow so-called ?independents?, or rather capitalists, to enter the government! It is dangerous and awful that Russia?s military might, pretentions of Communism, and high stature in the Union shall see many people in capitalist nations look to Russia?s brand of pseudo-capitalism as Communism! They do not espouse the true Communism, and I say this now to the people of Europe: we are the proponents of true Communism!

    In true Communism, we believe in the environment. We say no to heavy industry, unless- as in the case of arms manufacturing- it is absolutely necessary for the protection of true Communism in Prussia. We believe that there are five kinds of people: the peasants, who are the true proletarians. The peasantry believes in communal, hard labour, and is at one with the environment. They have an ancient way of life, and it is the best way of life. And secondly, there are the industrial workers- the hard workers, but slightly individualistic and antipathetic towards the environment. We believe that only minimal re-education is needed to turn these people into honest and true Communists.

    Thirdly comes the bourgeoisie, the people who form the upper echelons of a company- they are anti-Communists, since they are elitists who do not wish to work hard and intend to live comfortable and lazy lives. These people are, in their current form, parasites to our Socialist society, and they are constituents of the ?Sympathisers?- people naturally sympathetic to the old regime. We must give them a taste of hard labour and aggressively re-educate them in order to make them contributing members of the Socialist society.

    Also, we have the capitalists- that is to say, the bastards who run the means of production. Naturally, they must also taste hard labour, and must also be punished for their past exploitations of proletarians as part of the purging from them of their capitalist sympathies. Finally, we have the propagators of the old system- the aristocrats, ruling classes and clergymen! They are intrinsically part of the old system, and cannot ever possibly become members of our society- they must be wiped from the Earth! Both capitalists and propagators are considered ?Uppers?.

    According to the People?s Socialist Republic of Prussia?s Constitution, the people are divided into two sectors- Proletarians and Uppers. The Uppers, if not in re-education or prison, will be exploited as they exploited the proletarians! They shall work in all the hardest jobs, and will be moved as the State desires! The Lowers shall also be under State supervision, but will remain in their villages (or towns, if in industry) and will work as the State desires in normal occupation.

    This, this true Communist system, is the only way for Prussia, and the world, to go! To save the environment, and to develop a society based on communal work and socialism! The agrarianisation process here is near to complete- many lives have been lost for the revolution, and many traitors have been purged, but we are continuing nonetheless! People of the oppressed nations of the European Union, rise against your Uppers, and form a true Communist society! We need no help, but we encourage you all to help yourselves to the riches held in the Uppers? evil hands!

    I am a Prussian, do you know my colour? Red, always!

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