International Assistance to Triera

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    President Burke made his way to the podium at the center of the parliament chambers, and quickly shuffled his papers and adjusted his tie before speaking.

    _"My fellow Europeans,

    Never in my Presidency could I have imagined the nation of Triera, a staunch ally and, until recently, one of the most stable nations in the European Union, would be in such dire need of assistance by the international community.

    In April of 2008, the Triera people demanded an end to the monarchy and a greater role for parliamentary democracy.

    The monarchy flatly refused the popular will, and continued to rule the country despite the objections of Prime Minister Cross.

    Then, quite suddenly and without warning, the Houses of Parliament in Triera City were bombed by terrorists, killing hundreds of people and several ministers of the Cross government.

    The attack occurred while Prime Minister Cross was in Bastia on an official state visit, and we came to the conclusion that the Prime Minister?s safety would be at risk if he returned to his home nation.

    Therefore, the Federal Republic has been offering safe haven for Nathan Cross in an undisclosed location in order to protect him from potential terrorist organizations that have been perpetrating attacks across the nation.

    Triera, today, is in a state of total chaos.

    Law and order is nonexistent.

    Basic infrastructure is crumbling and, at this very moment, is being destroyed by rioting and looting.

    Terrorist bombings have become commonplace events in the lives of Trierans.

    Ladies and gentlemen of the European Union, this must come to an end.

    Therefore, I ask on behalf of the Triera people, for a regional resolution to enter Triera with an international force in order to reestablish order and peace in that nation.

    The Federal Republic is already mobilized and ready to commit troops and foreign aid materials to the beleaguered nation, and it is my hope that nations in the region are willing to do the same.

    With your help and your support, we can make Triera a livable nation once again.

    I yield the floor to debate."_

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    I believe that the most responsible and established nations in the EU, the four EUSC nations, should each take over a sector of Triera to restore order and rehabilitate it with a view to reunification as a democratic nation in the future.

    I also join the Premier Commissioner in calling upon the Commissioner for Internal Affairs to draw up plans for Triera's future.

  • MEP Antonio Panzeri stands to address the Parliament.

    _"Until there is some self-organization in Triera our efforts to restore a government and order will be in vain. The people have declared that the government is unjust. Many call this anarchy and unrest. In Nazione Italiana, we say that the people fulfilled their civil duty to keep the government in check. If we, as outsiders, try to set up a government for the Trierans, it will face similar problems, because it would not be what the people want.

    Terrorism, however, is inexcusable. If possible, it must be fought and stopped. Nazione Italiana is just now recovering from its own major change in government structure. It will be some time before we can begin to think about aiding other nations. Therefore, we do nothing more at this time than strongly criticize the acts of terror and send words of support to our fellow Europeans seeking a just government."_

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    Anatoly Keith rose from his seat to speak once more

    Unfortunately, Mr. Panzeri, your picture of Triera is one that is all too rosy. You say that the people have fulfilled their 'civic duty' to keep the government 'in check'. However they seem not to have fulfilled an equally important duty- to establish a government at all.

    We call it anarchy because it is anarchy. There is no government in Triera, thanks to the many factions struggling to take over the nation. I, for one, believe fully that at the moment, the majority of ordinary Trierans would prefer the EUSC nations, with the mandate of the EU, to step in and form a government, rather than a continuation of the status quo, a status all too harmful to the Trieran nation and its people.

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    Howard S?nger, former Gro?deutscher ambassador to Triera and new Gro?deutscher member of the European Council stood to speak.

    My government has asked me to express the European Council that our country's will is to help the Trieran people to restore peace and security and establish a fully functional and democratic government for the Trieran people.

  • The Government of Provincies is very concerned about the current situation in Triera.
    It condemns both the actions of the terrorists as of the ruling class for bringing this terrible conflict to the people of Triera.

    Anarchy cannot be tolerated within the European Region. We must act before this disease of revolution spreads to surrounding nations. The Government of Provincies therefore calls for an immediate military invasion of Triera by a coalition of European troops. Law and order must be restored by all means possible.

    When the entire country is under foreign control we must first stabilize the country, bring those who have done wrong to justice and after that, divide the land into several colonies which will belong to those who helped with the invasion.

    The Department of Defence is currently mobilizing 6 motorized infantry brigades to aid the invasion by coalition forces. Once the entire country has been occupied another 3 brigades will be sent to keep the peace.

  • Anthony Thompson stood up, sweat on his brow, stroking his white beard;

    "The Federated Republic supports EU intervention in Triera to establish a democratic government and end the current anarchy. If needed, President Warchester himself shall sign a decree which shall send Daraner troop...

    "...Peacekeepers - what else? - to Triera to help in stabilizing the country."

  • Daphne Yates MEP offers the opinion of the government of Endarta to the chamber. "_Our government will support the EU's collective action, if peacekeepers are required then we will support a deployment and offer the MEPs present to state clear intentions and lay plans for a path that will create the secure, democratic and stable environment that is needed for the good of the citizens.

    It is no use walking headlong into an unstable country, we must formulate plans for lasting and none-costly results._"

  • Unfreedomia too is ready to commit troops to ensure security across the EU. We have around 100,000 troops available to the EU to help with the situation in Triera but we agree with the Endarta representative that plans must be first laid out in order to assure less loses of financial capital and human life during the transition

  • "Nazione Italiana offers funds and aid to any plans to stabilize the region and protect it against terrorism. Any outside, EU, help to establish a government will not be supported by our nation."

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    Angleter pledges 10,000 peacekeeping troops to help pacify Triera.

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    The Reich will contribute with 300.000 men and women to the peacekeeping efforts in Triera.

  • Here are the nations and the number of troops they are willing to commit to help in Treira:

    The Reich: 300,000
    Unfreedomia: 100,000
    Angleter: 10,000

    Here is a proposed attack strategy

    Troop Transportation Routes

    I would need to be allowed through th Reich's land I hope this will be okay with the Reich's leader. I humbly request permission for this and if allowed will stick to the rout determined by the Reich

    invasion map

    Here is a more in depth plan. Angleter are sending the least amount of troops in so they have the least amount of land to manage. The Reich is sending the most troops in so they manage the most land.

    Hopefully this plan will enable us to emplace a new government in Triera

  • As mentioned before, Provincies will contribute 9 brigades of motorized infantry. This will be a total of 22.500 troops.

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    The Gro?deutscher government will give free pass to Unfreedomian troop ships through the northern channel. As for your troop deployment plan, the EUSC is already discussing some alternatives for a more detailed and individualised troop deployment plan. We have to remember that Triera was one of Europe's most advanced nations prior to its collapse and its citizens won't be so receptive towards foreign troops controlling their security. Our analysts estimate that all non-Belarian troops that were to be deployed in Triera might suffer important losses. Yet not to speak about Soviet troops losses, which would be far higher due to the historical enmity between the USSR and Triera, a strongly anticommunist country. And so you will understand that we need to devise a plan with every single detail in mind.

  • We are grateful to the Reich for allowing us military access through their land and we wish to return the favour if the need should arrive.

    We shall respectfully wait for the EUSC to draft an invasion plan.

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    The Duxburian government will match Gro?deutscher's pledge of 300,000, preferably via a coordinated EUSC action. The Duxburian Union as a friendly, republican, capitalist nation should not be seen as a threat to like-minded citizens of Triera. We believe strongly in returning them to stable self-government and rule of law as quickly as possible.

  • We are grateful to the Reich for allowing us military access through their land and we wish to return the favour if the need should arrive.

    We shall respectfully wait for the EUSC to draft an invasion plan.

  • Endarta has been building a strategic map of the nation and wishes that all nations avoid acting alone. Please wait until our work is finished.

  • Here is the map I submit to the EC, for the benefit of a unified military solution to be cost and time effective.

    Endartise military staff also have a suitable formulation of warplans to offer to the EC and, with the collective consent of the EC, would like to ask the members of the EU security delegation to Triera here to further unite our forces under a single operations commander. I also offer Lt Gen Karenza Jennings to be the elected commander's strategic and logistical planning adjutant.

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