• Far to the north where the polar cirkle is found, there lies the nation of Quiltania. Filled with mountains, fjords and woods as far as the eye can see.
    Quiltania is a rather young country, it was formed in the late 1800's by a group excentric quilt makers who sought political refuge from the Evil Tecstile manufacturers who had taken control of their former homeland.
    Quiltania have always been fond of flying, which is why there are only few cars in Quiltania, if the people need to go to another city they take forth their gliders or aircraft and simply glide to the next city.

    Except for the Capital Son, Quiltania is remarkable for having all of their cities located high up in the mountains often beyond the treeline. There are a good number of reasons for this, the main reason that it was build on top of the mountains to give better refuge from the Tecstile manufacturer who send raiding parties in after them. However hard it was to build the cities the citizens of Quiltania benifts greatly from their high heights, they're aircraft industries are amongst the finest in the world, instead of a train system Quiltania have an extensive lift system, which leaves the ground below almost untouched. The dense airtraffic have become an increasing problem because of the explosive growth of Quiltania, Quiltania is trying to remedy this by building more and more cities to decentralize the population and thereby make more room for flying. However since Quiltania have run out of mountains it have now begun to Create cities on platforms in the water. Quiltania also have plans for a massive project, a city in the skies.

    The Capital Son, is the only city at ground level, and also by far the biggest city, The capitals main role is as a huge harbour, it is also well known for it's magnificent ship constructing industry. Quiltania does not produce much food on it's own and it imports 95% of all it's food. This have forced Quiltania to trade and the people have adapted and have become skilled traders and craftsmen and fierce promoters of free trade.

    Quiltanias parliament consists of various shapes of social liberal parties. However over all the country is very social liberal.

    Quiltanias wild life is thriving, there are no farms or roads. Birds are however threatened if they soar too high by the massive airtraffic.

    Quiltania is a strong supporter of global warming, their land will become warmer and more fruitfull, even the capital doesn't have roads, instead it's houses have been made as boats and are in fact floating. Which means that once in a while the entire capitol will chance it's position on the map if the people get tired of living there, though it rarely happends. Son is located in a safe fjord, where it is protected from floodwaves.

    Quiltania have little when it comes to millitary, and weapons are outlawed outright for all but police and millitary. Quiltania is also largely atheist but allows religion, though challenges religious claims on equal ground as all other claims.

    Quiltania wishes to invite all members of the EU to come and see Quiltania, and get a free T-shirt if you use more than a 100 euros in the country. Though mind you to be carefull of the dragons, they're peacefull, less disturbed. (See massacre of 1861)

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