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    All parties are encouraged to contribute to the ideas of democratic socialism and social democracy as practiced by the Party of European Socialists.

  • Here is a rough draft for, what I believe, to be some of the founding beliefs of Democratic Socialism. PLEASE post a response on how you could add to or change any of the beliefs listed below


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    While most businesses should be privately owned, The government should have ownership of the several parts of society that would affect the "quality of life" or "standard of living" of the countries citizens, such as the Education system, Health Care system, Child Care system, and Social Security system, each with its own set of programs to assist a citizens personal finances, health, and education.

    fair market system
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    To put it simply, it is the buying of products from lesser off, developing countries by more developed countries to help stimulate and increase the economy of the lesser country. Sometimes, under the fair trade system, programs have been developed to help teach and better supply farmers, industrial workers, and manufactures to help stimulate even more trade and product growth. Because of the nature of this system, the market must be well maintained and regulated to ensure that it holds up to its beliefs.

    **Infrastructure **
    A nation's infrastructure would also be considered a large contributor to a person's "quality of life" and so would be also owned by the government which would be tasked with controlling and maintaining a nation's transportation system, (roads, highways, bridges) water system, ( water supply network, water pipes, water purification plants) energy production and distribution system, (power plants, power lines both above and underground) and waste management system (recycling centers, decomposition methods and the transportation of wasted materials)

    **Personal Freedoms **

    -Every person is entitled to protection against those who may harm their civil and political freedoms.

    -Every person is entitled to their own fair and complete use of Social Justice, Political Freedoms, Social Rights, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties

    -At no time should a person be discriminated against in their own workplace, whether it be about race, sex, sexual preferences, religion, personal preferences, or political preferences

    -Every worker has the full right to join a union and to voice his or her own opinion about the quality of the workplace and how they might be able to improve it.

    -No worker shall have his or her own rights be dismissed in the workplace

    (every nation is free to create and list their countries human rights, but the freedoms listed above are considered rights that every person under a Democratic Socialism should be entitled to and should be adopted universally.)

    Though normally a Democratic Socialist nation would push for a more "greener" society, it is up to the leaders of that nation to deiced their viewpoint on environmental protection and preservation .

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    The Borvosky delegation is thanked for their great contributions it has made to the party manifesto. These are excellent foundations for our regional party.

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