Nominations for Presidential Elections

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    My fellow delegates of the ELDL I believe to start progressing we should decide on a President of ELDL to lead the group forward within Europe.

    Please declare your Candidacy in the following manner:

    Name of Candidate
    Short Paragraph of Manifesto


    I wish to put forward my own candidacy

    Name of Candidate: Harajok Zelezny
    Nation: Os Corelia
    Party: The Os Corelius Party
    Manifesto: I wish to protect Liberal and Democratic interests within Europe championing our majority opinions and investing in a democratic future. I wish to push the EU on issues we feel passionate about and suggest how we can work towards more serious issues such as Health and Education as opposed to wasting funds on issues such as Weapons Developments or initiatives which waste resources. I feel through Europe we can create not only peaceful region which empowers every sector of society but also can create a multi-regional approach on Education to ensure every child has equal access and also create ERASMUS scheme links betweenr esearch institutions of academia, a regulation on health services to make sure all citizens are provided with suitable care and we can transfer patients within the EU to give them treatment with specialists who aren't in their own nation. We also want to empower local businesses and make sure agriculture is kept up to standard.

    A vote for me is a vote to secure a Liberal and Democratic future for Europe.

    thank you for your time

    Harajok Zelezny

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    As there are no other nominees for party president I willbe taking on the role of Party President. I hope to serve the ELDL Well. If any one wishes to call for another election for president don't hesitate to contact me within the next two days.

    If when the two days are up there are no calls for another election I shall assume my term which lasts until next July.

    thank you

    Chairman Harajok Zelezny - New President of the ELDL

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