Calling of Commission Elections

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    Helen Smith approached the podium

    Good afternoon all.

    Today I would like to announce to you all that I am to bring this current Commission (Duplessis/Smith) to an end. Over the past seven months we have made considerable progress in the following areas:

    -Activity: Eleven voters on Nuclear Proliferation Act, compared with Four on the Chain of Succession Amendment.
    -Recruitment: 68 members compared with 55 at the start of the Commission.
    -Defence: Commission nearing deal on equipping the EDF.
    -Neo-Venetia: Council conference on Neo-Venetia's future underway.

    However, it would be undemocratic for us to continue this Commission any longer, and so I would like to take this opportunity to announce the dissolution of the European Commission and the calling of elections to the Commission. Nominations shall take place for the next three days (14th-17th December) and elections for the five days following (18th-22rd December). This shall enable the new Commission to be put in place for Christmas.

    As for myself, I shall run for Premier Commissioner of the European Union on a permament basis. Thank you all.

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