The Imperium Gazette

  • The Imperium Gazette Launches

    The 1# new's source within The Presidential Imperium of Kyrilanga is pleased to announce it's availability as a regional Newspaper throughout the European Union.
    The Gazette will be sold throughout the region for the standard Kyrian Illeroi.

  • Communist Registration Act

    Today, after nearly 3 months of Deliberation. The Imperial Congress has finally passed the Communist Registration Act. This Act requires that all Communist living within the Empire's Borders, must register themselves at the Headquaters of their local Government. Failure to do so would first result, in a fining and if still not registered immediate deportation.

    Cesare Anthony Constantine, when asked about the reason behind such an act released this statement:

    This Act, will hopefully be used, to keep control of The Infectious disease known as Communism. For many years Communism and it's dreaded leaders have tried to change the way of Kyrilanga and it's people, but not any more. This Act will hopefully be the start of the end of Communism

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