• Hostage Honeymoon

    Today two Unfreedomian citizens were taken hostage whilst sailing off the coast of Spain. The couple, on there honeymoon in the Persian Gulf, where sailing when there ship was boarded by armed men from another vessel flying the spainish flag.

    The existence of these priates, believed to be Spainish, has been continously denied by the new millitary regime in Spain. Surely after the events of today they can no longer afford to deny their existence.

    The Spainish pirates contacted the Unfreedomian government and demanded U$1,000,000 in return for the hostages. The government has a policy of not dealing with terrorists and so the lives of these two newlyweds may be in some danger. The Unfreedomain authorities are preparing to dispatch two battleships to the region in order to find these pirates and if need be destroy them.

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    Satelite pictures of the pirates were taken by the Unfreedomian Secret Service as the area has been under survelience ever since vessels importing and exporting goods to Unfreedomia in the region were under attack from pirates.

  • Communists Seek Refuge From Kyrilangain Oppressor

    Hundreds of communists are fleeing Kyrilanga since the new 'Communist Registration Act'. The act in question requires that all persons of communist ideology living within Kyrilanga, must register themselves at the Headquaters of their local Government. If, for some reason, they fail to do so they will firstly be fined, and if still not registered will face immediate deportation.

    Many communists within the country have fled or been deported, either refusing to register themselves or fearing further persecution in subsequent acts. Government officials in Kyrilanga have already described communism as an 'infectious disease' so this fear may be justified.

    So far hundreds of people are claiming refuge in Unfreedomia and so far they have been let in to the country. However, with fears of many more refugees on the way Premier Aran is calling for other countries to take on the burden of giving refuge to these people. He described the actions of the Kyrilangian government as 'troubling' and, "Alike to the early stages of a Nazi government". He finished by reminding the EU of Voltaires principle: "I may not agree with what you have to say, or what indeed you believe in, but I will defend your right to the death, to both believe and say it".

  • Anarchy in Serbia

    Today Serbia erupted into anarchy as the government simply lost control. For several months now armed militias have been gathering strength, according to Unfreedomian intelligence, and today they decided it was time to strike. The militias led by a man known only as 'Mr Killov' have the support of several of the generals in the Serbian army, causing it to become completely inefective as many generals refuse to fight the militias.

    Reports are coming in of acts of mass murder and pillaging on the part of the militias. These instances have begun to spill over into Unfreedomia. So far 20 Unfreedomian citizens have been killed on Unfreedomian soil by these militias and 129 more holidaying in Serbia. Mr Killov, a right wing cult leader in Serbia, has claimed to be liberating the people but it would seem from the acts of genocide against gypsies and homosexuals that there is very litlle liberating going on.

    Premier Aran commeneted on the acts of Mr Killov and the militia groups calling them 'disgusting' and 'sickening in this day and age'. He has issued Mr Killov and the Serbian governmet an ultimatum giving them one week to resolve the issue before Unfreedomian forces will be sent to resolve the problem themselves.

  • Serbia Liberated

    General George Hardy announced a victoyr today in Serbia against the Fascist rebels who until recently where the prevailing force in this country. He announced it is a, "Major triumph for the forces of good", and a, "hugely sucecesful intervention which has guaranteed the protection of human rights for the people of Serbia."

    The remaining rebel forces are holding up around Pljevlja, in the East but the head of the UAF is sure that several weeks of heavy bombing in the region will leave them weak enough to make securing the area easy.

    Due to the recent situation in Serbia Premier Aran has declared that: "Elections there will have to be postponed indefinelty, until we can be certain that the rebel force has been defeated". In the meantime, Unfreedomia will control the situation.

  • Support for Inquistan Freedom Fighters

    Unfreedomia has recently announced it's support for the Protestant freedom fighters in I
    Inquisita. The freedom fighters have the aim of forming their own state in order to try and halt the oppression they currently suffer from the catholic majority.

    The Unfreedomian government has announced that it will support the Inquisitan freedo
    fighters by supplying them with all the military equipment and intelligence they require, and if neccesary, additional troops in their fight against the imperialist catholic faction.

    The Premier has announced this as not just a battle against the overly aggressive catholic group in Inquisita but also a fight for justice and the freedom of a people. He has already placed troops stationed in Serbia on high alert and the navy is setting up a secure supply root to the region, through Serbia.

  • Peace Sought in Inquista

    After further casualties on all sides in the ongoing conflict in Inquista many senior members of the Unfreedomian government have called for peace talks to begin and a resolution to be sought. The Premier himself has suggested the involvement of the involvement of all the Inquista factians and additionally both Unfreedomia and Nazionale Italia.

    He hopes to draw up plans to enable the formation of a seperate Southern State in Inquista and perhaps another for the West, claiming this is the only way to stop the bloodshed. Additionally he has issued a warning to Inquista saying that entering the Southern section of the country with a military present will result in severe consequencies.

  • Unfreedomian Offensive in Inquisita

    Today Unfreedomian forces began a major offensive pushing the Southern Rebels north into Northern and Eastern Inquisita. So far 50 troops have been reported dead and their families have been informed. Rebel losses are estimated at around 1000. Another military programme which began last week was admitted today. Many of the mercenaries hired by the rebels have joined Unfreedomian forces after donations from the Unfreedomian treasury. Now only around 1000 rebels stand in the way of security and peace for the country. An extra 10000 troops have been commited to the region by the government for what is being described as the final push as well as a major bombing campaign over the East. Securing the region is paramount for international security as currently it is somewhere where the infamous animortus virus can spread.

  • Revolution in Unfreedomia

    After several weeks of mounting tension and small scale riots in the nations capital full scale battles have started to break out. Speculators have blamed the cause of these riots to an increasing number in pro-market policies put into law by the Premier at the cost of workers rights. This has cummulated with the fact that many pieces of legislation aimed at protectiong the needs and desires of the workers have been cast aside using by the Premier using his veto powers.

    Today, several prominent government officials on the far left joined the fight, including none other than the Prime Minister himself, who is the head of the most popular left wing party in the polls: the Unfreedomian Communist Party (UCP). His critics have said that this is merely a ploy to gain power but currently the majority of the public seem to believe that the motivation for this action is purely ideological.

    Could this be the end of the Premier? The mere fact that we dare to write shows just how much control he has lost.

  • _No More Premier Any More _

    Today revolutionary forces occupied many of the main governmental buildings in the nations capital. After many hours of brutal clashes between the renegades and the armed police the the rebel forces managed to gain an upper hand, taking over many strategically significant buildings from which they could rain down fire upon the retreating armed police.

    Sources tell us that the Premier then called in the army to help put down the rebellion which was gaining momentum by the hour. Many of the commanding officers in the army had divided loyalties and so when the orders were given for them to open fire on their own people some simply refused. After several further hours it became evident that there was little chance of the establishment winning and so a temporary ceasefire was called by the Premier.

    An hour later the Premier made an live announcement across all telecommunicative channels that he would resign and that an immediate election would ensue following which the formation of a new constitution would take place.

    The leader of the revolutionary forces, Karl Liebknecht, claimed this to be a great victory for the workers, for equality and for democracy. The Prime Minister, who showed great support for the movement, announced that the capital city would be renamed Liebknechtgrad in recognition of the day's triumphs and that an election would follow in 1 month.

  • The Dust Settles

    After the turmoil of the previous weeks concerning the small matter of an uprising of the general populace and the overthrow of the Premier, order has again resumed. The capital city has been renamed and a new national flag has been adopted.

    In the run up to the election the current Prime Minister's party, the Unfreedomian Communist Party (UCP), are currently in the lead in the polls with a giant 50% of the vote. Under the current FPTP system which is adopted in the country this should give them a massive majority in Parliament.

  • Elections, Elections, Elections

    After the recent elections where our glorious leader Comrade Commissar Dmitri Lathon was elected winning 105% of the vote, rumours that the election was in some way fraudulent have all been dismissed as callous lies. Our new leader has declared that our new Soviet Republic is a need of a strong new leader and all elections have been postponed indefinitely. He has recently increased the military spending in the country bringing the armed forces to over 1 million in number. He has also told citizens that he wishes to pursue a stronger relationship with other left-wing leaning nations within the EU such as Brecon and the Soviet Union.

    In other news our very own Peter Petrenko is currently set to gain a place on the EU Commission representing the PEL. In an address to the public Comrade Lathon said that he is looking forward to the EU taking a more active role in the region.

  • Petrenko's Plans for the EU

    After an exclusive interview with the newly elected commission member Comrade Peter Petrenko we decided to reveal to you his plans for his following term in office. First on his agenda is sorting out the way in which nation's contribute towards the EDF and what voting rights each nation will have. He has told us that he plans to make the system work so that every member of the EU will give around 1-2% of their GDP (this figure is up for debate) but the disparities between the amount of money given will not correlate to disparities in voting rights.

    The new economics commissioner has also told us of his plans to create a European Monetary Fund to help developing states decrease poverty levels by providing them with loans. He hopes the implementation of this institution will help raise standards of living across the EU.

    In other news, unemployment is decreasing as more and more of our comrades enlist into the armed services. Our glorious leader Comrade Commissar Lathon plans to give the military a complete overhaul replacing old equipment with new models and expanding the size of our military. We can rest assure that we are safe from any capitalist imperialists seeking to invade thanks to Comrade Lathon's new measures.

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