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    Greetings fellow EPP members! I would like for us all to discuss between us what we are to do as a party this coming new year. Firstly I find it paramount that we decide on a proper party manifesto to match the other Europarties, and we must also decide on a new EPP logo.

    But first! May I nominate Nazione Italiana to become our party forum moderator?

  • I accept the nomination and thank you.

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    I second the nomination.

  • First order of business is to change the party logo. biggrin.gif

    I ask interested members to submit a design and when we collect a few we can vote to choose a new one.

    Secondly, we need to revisit the party manifesto. I ask all members to read through it so we can decide together in a debate if something needs to be edited, or if it should be totally overhauled.

  • It has come to my attention that we actually have no set manifesto. This is partially my fault; the party wasn't really well organized in the past.

    Here is all of what we currently have: Manifesto [click!click!click!click!]

    Please read through this so we can begin to discuss how our party's first and formal manifesto should read.

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    BUMP and I made a logo.

    user posted image

  • Very nice... (now if it only weren't so enormous... wink.gif )

  • We received a real blow at these elections. The time has come for us to make a decision. We need to know exactly how many member parties we have and on how many we can rely when it comes to European elections.

    The EPP is at a crossroad; we are the only socially and economically conservative party left in the EU.

    We must either assimilate and become more liberal or grow into a power by recruiting more member parties across Europe. This can only happen with the help of our current members. Brainstorming is in order.

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    I have created a new logo:
    user posted image

    I think we should stand our ground, becoming more liberal would just prove how weak we have become. We support the EPP for what it is, through and through. Leaving it's traditioonal morales isn't worth an extra spot in the Commission. Regardless, we already have 2 spots in it. Or 1, until Nazione Italiana comes back.

  • A little less of a heart maybe? Other wise very good.

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