Friendly Political Reminder

  • My first project as Internal Affairs Commissioner will be to contact nations of the European Union (OOC: via their Nationstates telegram) which did not vote in the recent Commission election. The friendly message will be a reminder that the nations have rights and responsibilities to the E.U. as members.

    While I am satisfied with the results and commend our new Premier, our region can no longer ignore that the results, or, much more importantly, the results of many recent legislative votes, hardly show the true opinion of the Union, simply because many either chose or neglected to vote.

    My goal is to have the Union's legislative activity at more than 40% before my term is at a close. I find this attainable with a little work. I will release here in my office, for public view, a copy of the message to be sent out to the currently non-active members of the region.

    Thank you, Good day, Felice Anno Nuovo, Happy New Year, and remember,
    La pace ? la gioia dei cuori.
    Peace is the heart's joy.

  • (The following is an in-character message from the Commissioner of Internal Affairs.)

    My fellow Europeans,

    I write to your government today on behalf of the entire European Union. I worry that many of you are not aware of your rights as European Union Members. Your nation holds a seat in the European Council, the legislative body which enacts laws to govern, keep peace and protect. The opinion of your nation is very important and, without your vote or your partaking in debates, said opinion will never be heard and is sorrily missed.

    Our Union is currently comprised of 70 sovereign lands; however, only seven of said nations took part in the recent vote for Premier Commissioner.

    Your representative is most definitely wanted in the hallowed halls of the Council. Without you and the views and arguments we all bring to the table, democracy is dead.

    I thank you and ask you to consider becoming more active in European legislation.
    Yours in Peace,
    Felice Sesto di Francesco, Commissioner of Internal Affairs

    (Now a continuation out-of-character. I seriously ask you to consider becoming more active on our regional forum. Only playing Nationstates by daily deciding on the issues given to you by the game is really only half the fun. In the region are several well-experienced veteran role-players. Please don't be shy, everyone is extremely friendly and would be more than happy to answer any questions about role-play procedure or conduct. You can't go wrong when displaying your own opinions! Don't hesitate to contact me with any further questions at any time.)

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