La Frontera Militarizada de Texacano

  • Conventional Long Form: The Militarized Border of Texacano
    Conventional Short Form: Texacano
    Local Long Form: La Frontera Militarizada de Texaca?o
    Local Short Form: Texaca?o
    Population: Est. 100 mil
    Official languages: English, Spanish
    Capital: Ciudad Juarez (Executive), Austin (Judicial), Houston (Legislative)

  • Location: Europe, south of the Mediterranean Sea, east of Kyrilanga, north of Spain and northwest of Prussia.
    Area: approx. 100,000 square miles (approx. 260,000 square km)
    Relative Area: About the size of Arizona
    Land Boundaries: approx 1,000 miles
    Coastline: 0 miles
    Climate: Mediterranean
    Terrain: Hilly; fertile plains in north

  • Government type: Republic
    National Holiday: Independence Day, 16 March
    Administrative Divisions: Five provinces; Tejas (Texas), Chihuahua, Nuevo Le?n, Coahuila and Tamaulipas.
    Legal System: Based on American common law.
    Suffrage: Upon completion of military service; universal.
    Executive Branch:
    Chief of State: Felipe Calentura
    Head of Government: Portavoz de la Camara Derrick McShane
    Elections: Held every two years. Two-term limit for all positions.
    Legislative Branch:
    Unicameral Camara de Representates. Fifty seats, elections every two years.
    Judicial Branch:
    One Suprema Corta de Justicia with appelate jurisdiction. Five provincial appelate courts, then one original court in every county or parish.
    Flag Description:
    Two equal horizontal bands of white (top) and red (bottom) and a vertical green band on the hoist side, with the eagle and serpent in the middle.

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