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    The newly formed National Socialist Unity Party has announced that it is going to run for the Reichstag and the Chancellery in September's legislative election. What is your opinion on this?

  • Angleterics are mostly in favour of political freedom for all and the right of all ideologies to form a party and run for election. This extends to the NSUP, no matter how odious they may be.

  • Political ideologies in Nazione Italiana are completely free of government control unless they directly hinder the freedoms of other Italian citizens.

  • The Constitution of our Empire states that political freedom is allowed. So, we have voted for.

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    Again seeing communism as a threat to exterminate religion, Inquista votes against.

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    Soviet citizens and the CPSU express various, very negative opinions.

    ooc: Inquista, this was about the Nazi party, not the Communist party. tongue.gif

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    OOC: Well that explains why their the 7th stupidist nation in the EU...that and Inquista spends 74% of it's money on religion and 0% on education.

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