Attack in Dublin

  • A Report from the Dublin Journal.

    _DUBLIN- All of a sudden, the Archives Building, the mostly-underground structure that houses all of the nation's history in great detail, was blown up and within six seconds it was nothing but several hundred thousand pieces of rubble in a hole in the ground. But that's not it.

    Then, a few minutes later on that beautiful morning, the Stock Exchange, which was a really tall structure, had a plane crash into the direct centre of it, meaning that the whole place collapsed within three minutes. But that's not it.

    A bus drove into the direct centre of the Immigration Department, then blew up. This caused the place to explode into rubble.

    Seventy people were gunned down at the Asian-Templetonian Society Headquarters.

    People at a barbeque restaurant in Cobh, Cork County, Ireland, poisoned an Asian young adult by putting sugary arsenic in her glass of coffee.

    And the Department of EU Affairs was annihilated to ashes when at least ten bombs went off.

    Which means that today was not a good day.

    MI5 head Gordon Gibbons says "his agency has gathered enough intel to point out that the extreme neo-Nazi group Die Nationalen Sozialistischen des Fuhrer's Liga was responsible for the attacks. They are very Eurosceptic, very anti-Immigrant and very rightist."

    King Iain I says that "without these buildings the economy will suffer... and what more, DNSFL is growing every day. And it takes a long time to build buildings."

    He wishes that the matter be brought in front of the European Council._

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