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    OsCos TV Report

    Todays session of Parliament reported significant changes in Parliament due to investigations

    The High Attorney Comissioner Seltriak announced that the leader of the Taloshian regime under trial for war crimes has envoked his right of investigation. This means that all those involved in the pre-parliamentary regime who currently hold a seat in parlianet or senate will be investigated to see if they are to be tried for war crimes.

    The attorney announced the following ministers are under investigation:

    Viscount Kalistus Xavier - Os Corelius
    Prime Minister Hyffiondor Kaladramck - Os Corelius
    High Lord Kairos Jelesniak - Os Corelius
    Lord Chiempeiyk - Os Corelius

    High Lord Kastion Fffjordian - Corelian Conservative Alliance
    Lord Harthadorn - Corelian Conservative Alliance
    Lord Maltreison - Corelian Conservative Alliance

    Lady Kristiak - The Os Mutantian Socialist Party
    Lord Halfiorn - The Os Mutantian Socialist Party

    Senator Hershelestio Maraketia of Westfallon - ANE/Westfallon Homelands Party
    Mr Kilijson - Westfallon Homelands Party

    The attorney stated that he is aware of the os corelius minster's involvement in the resistance and their approach to take the regime down from within but nonetheless they must evidence their involvement.

    All 10 Members of Parliament and the one senator will not be allowed to commit their parliamentary duties pending investigation.

    Therefore temporary premiership is handed to the highest placed minister not under investigation and that position is the First Vice-Chair which is held by Dorelia Astollo. Dorelia Astollo has been granted the title Premier Astollo and will have supreme judiciary status until a superior is cleared from investigation.

    If the investigation finds a minister guilty they will be expelled and then face public trial which could lead to high custodial sentence and then handed to be trialled before the union council.

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