• I, Internal Commissioner di Francesco, hereby instate the "Act to Organise non-EUSC Aid to Neo-Venetia" and call into order a meeting of the European Neo-Venetia Aid Co-Operative Agency.

    The Agency will follow the guidelines of the passed act:

    An Act to Organise non-EUSC Aid to Neo-Venetia:

    RECOGNISING the current state of Neo-Venetia to be that of a self-governing nation under EUSC occupation for peacekeeping and rebuilding purposes;

    UNDERSTANDING that while the EUSC nations continue to help rebuild Neo-Venetia, the non-EUSC nations currently have no organised way of providing their own aid to the area;

    MANDATES the following:

    I. An organisation to be set up for all non-EUSC nations to voluntarily provide money and services into a larger, organised agency for a more focussed and co-operative effort in the rebuilding of Neo-Venetia;

    II. That organisation to be put under the control of the Internal Affairs Commissioner (currently Felice di Francesco), unless he wishes to waive this role and appoint a deputy to run the agency;

    III. That organisation to be called the "European Neo-Venetia Aid Co-Operative Agency" or "ENVACA" for short.

    IV. No EUSC nation be permitted to interfere with ENVACA activities, and that no ENVACA nation be permitted to interfere with EUSC activities. However they shall be able to co-ordinate their efforts if they so wish.

    The first order of business is to take roll of all nations which wish to become members of the ENVACA. Members, please post roll in the following format:


    [b]Name of National representative to the European Council[/b] (MEP to Council)
    [b]National representative to the ENVACA (if different from rep. to Council)[/b] (Representative to Agency)
    [b]Commander in Chief of national armed forces[/b] (Commander in Chief)

  • Nazione Italiana
    MEP Antonio Panzeri (MEP to Council)
    Felice di Francesco (Representative to Agency)
    **Presidenta Giovanna Laurina Pallotti ** (Commander in Chief)

  • Admin

    The Grand Marquessate of Angleter
    Anatoly Keith MEP (MEP to Council)
    Sir Giles Fuggleton-Drax Bt. (Representative to Agency)
    Sir Michael de Pforttenhelm Bt. (Commander in Chief)

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