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    I'd like to propose the European Council the creation of a European Road Network to be under the administration of the European Internal Affairs Commissioner Office. This road network would be toll free (in some cases border free as well), and would allow for a more free and united europe by allowing citizens from all over the continent to move from one country to another freely and quickly.

  • We can only accept this if Angleter's practice of driving on the left side of the road can be preserved.

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    They will. We will create "transition lanes" on the border between countries that have a different driving side.

  • In that case, the Grand Marquessate of Angleter has no objections.

  • Nazione Italiana questions the boarder free and toll free suggestion. How will the road be upkept without some kind of usage fee? Would "boarder free" be required? This would, of course, work against Italian boarder security measures.

    Without more information, we cannot support such a proposal.

  • Brecon would provide funds for integrating parts of a new road network into the nation's road and rail system, as well as funds for new construction and upkeep within Brecon. We could support the idea of a European road network if national regulations of international traffic, such as tariffs, environmental protection, and security were not limited.

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    The USSR will opt out of this proposal, for security purposes.

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    As I said earlier, it's just a proposal, and it can be modified if any government wants so. If your governments want border crossings for better security purposes and toll stations for better funding of the network they can be added.

  • I'd like to resurrect this issue in time for the new Commission. Perhaps it would be a good idea for the Economics Commissioner to factor in the cost of such a road network when they produce our much-needed budget?

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