European Nuclear Applications Authority

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    This is the EU-wide regulatory authority on nuclear proliferation in the region, established by the Nuclear Proliferation Act of 2009. Its current membership is as follows:

    The President of the Federal Republic of Belarum: Evan Burke.

    The Aelir of the Kendro-Laatzenian Dominions of the Duxburian Union: Avoldran Dehn.

    The Federal Chancellor of the Federal Republic of the Gro?deutsches Reich: Robert Mainzer.

    The Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics: Gennady Zyuganov.

    The Premier Commissioner of the European Union: Christiane Vooleeck.

    The EU Commissioner for Defence: Vladimir Putin.

    The EU Commissioner for Internal Affairs: Felice di Francesco.

    Before becoming a nuclear state, a nation must apply to the ENAA for a Licence for Nuclear Proliferation. The ENAA shall deliberate before offering one of three possible final decisions by a majority vote:

    -Licence for Nuclear Proliferation (Unconditional): The nation is free to build as many nuclear weapons as it desires.

    -Licence for Nuclear Proliferation (Limited): The nation is free to build nuclear weapons, but may have no more than a certain number (decided by the ENAA's majority vote) of nuclear weapons at any one time. Failure to comply shall result in sanctions.

    -Ban on creating a Nuclear Arsenal: The nation cannot own a nuclear arsenal and must begin disarmament immediately if it has any nuclear weapons. Failure to comply, or to disarm at a rate satisfactory to the ENAA, shall result in sanctions.

  • Do I apply in this thread?

    I would like an limited license please.

  • OOC: Unfreedomia had already acquired nuclear weapons before the creation of the ENAA does this still mean we have to apply

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    ((OOC: No, already nuclear states need not apply. And Arborgia, the ENAA could even issue your nation an unlimited licence if it so wishes- it's entirely at the institution's discretion.))

  • French Albion already had nuclear technology before this, but President Jacques Chirac wants to join.

  • Red Blok asks for authorisation tocreate a nuclear arsenal.

  • The Constitutional Republic of Spitzenbergen requests a review by the ENAA for nuclear armament of our nation.

  • The Federal Commonwealth of Pax Aurea would like to inquire whether the European Nuclear Applications Authority has debated the possibility of a compulsory, gradual disarmament of its member states, with the goal of making the European Union a completely nuke-free territory.

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    A serious discussion has not yet taken place. Speaking as an individual state, the Duxburian Union would refuse to agree to any level of disarmament without a matching commitment by the USSR.

  • The United Kingdom would like to firstly ask to join this European Nuclear Applications Authority, and comment that its weapons will not be used unless deemed the last and necessary option.

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    ((OOC: Right. The ENAA consists of the offices listed in the OP, and is not open to expansion. You ask them to give you a licence to build nukes- of course, it's done sod-all, but the thought's there. I ought to have a Council resolution streamline it, but that'll be after elections. It is not the remit of the ENAA to discuss disarmament- if you want to do that, open an IC debate on that in the Council. But good luck, since you'll meet a lot of opposition- especially if the USSR happens to become active again.))

  • ((OOC: Thank you, I think that's what I meant to say (to request permission to maintain our current nuclear weaponry and invite criticisms).))

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    The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics appreciates the British desire to utilise the ENAA, and shall work with the other participants to ensure a speedy response is given. However, as champions against nuclear armaments, we warn you that opposition shall be met as far as enlarging and renewing nuclear arsenals.

  • The United Kingdom is willing to sign all agreements regarding the discontinuance of nuclear arms manufacturing in the United Kingdom and the addition of weapons in its arsenal, which will be discontinued with acceptance into the ENAA, as it has been since 1980.

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    OOC: The ENAA is in obvious need of reform. There isn't any clear methodology for determining quorum for making decisions. Since two of the states are inactive, it's not clear whether the other members can act.

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    ((OOC: Dux, I'm already 10 steps ahead of you.))

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