Speaker of the European Council Act

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    Speaker of the European Council Act


    Recognising the current lack of a Speaker or leader of this Council, and understanding that the Council could function much better as an efficient and organised unit, this Act creates the position of Speaker of the European Council.

    Article I: The R?le of the Speaker of the European Council

    Section I: The Resolution Passing Process

    The Speaker of the European Council shall be responsible for calling the opening of debates, amendments and votes in accordance with the Constitution. They may delegate to another member of the European Council if they shall be unable to carry out this duty at a particular time. If they feel it suitable, they may extend a part of the Council's proceedings if they so wish.

    Section II: Vote Counting

    The Speaker is responsible for setting what constitutes a valid vote in the European Council for a particular resolution, and is responsible for counting said votes when a resolution's voting is over. The Speaker may delegate if they so wish.

    Section III: Mediation

    In the case of one Council member raising an official complaint to the Council against another member, the Speaker of the Council shall act as a mediator and make a decision pertaining to the case- the Speaker is expected to use their own discretion in finding a suitable course of action. This r?le cannot be delegated.

    Section IV: Impeachment

    If a member of the Council is extremely dissatisfied with the Speaker's conduct, and believes them to have abused their position, then they may motion for that Speaker's impeachment. If the impeachment passes with a majority of 55% or more, then that Speaker must resign immediately, with an election for a new Speaker to take place immediately after.

    Article II: Election of the Speaker

    The Speaker of the European Council shall be elected for a period of eighteen months with unlimited terms. The Council shall assemble immediately after the passing of this Act, and from then immediately after a Speaker leaves the Council, or two weeks before the expiration of a Speaker's term. There shall then be a week-long period of nominations, succeeded by a week-long vote.

    If that vote fails to provide a 55% majority for one candidate, then another week-long vote of the two highest-scoring candidates shall ensue. The winner shall be the candidate with the most votes- in the case of a tie, first-round votes shall be the deciding factor. Upon election, the new Speaker's eighteen-month mandate shall begin.

    Proposed by Mr. Anatoly Keith (EPP, Angleter).

    ((OOC: This is basically the r?le of European Council forum administrator that the USSR came up with.))

    DEBATE begins now;
    AMENDMENTS begin at 20:00 GMT 19/3/10;
    VOTING begins at 20:00 GMT 21/3/10;
    VOTING ends at 20:00 GMT 24/3/10.

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    Thirty months? I mean, no existent EU elected position does last for more than 6 months, a fifth of the period you're proposing. The German chair would propose a ten/twelve month period at the most, renewable twice. Anyway, we support the rest of the proposed text.

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    ((OOC: USSR said he didn't want one that changed hands too often- I presumed 2 1/2 years would be long enough.))

    I would be prepared to lower the term length, but please bear in mind that this is a fairly low-key position. Perhaps 18 months would be a good term length?

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    We'll give our support to the 18 month period.

  • Nazione Italiana supports this proposal, also with the proposed change to a twelve to 18 month term.

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    Edited to an eighteen-month term.

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    OK, thanks to my being useless, I haven't called the voting. Hence it shall begin NOW and end at 1845 GMT 27/3/10. Anyone who has voted previously must vote once more.

    The Grand Marquessate of Angleter votes AYE.

  • Brecon votes AYE.

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  • Aye!

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    The AYES have 5;
    The NAYS have 0;
    No others are present;

    The AYES have it. The nomination procedure for Speaker shall begin tomorrow.

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