Embassy exchange with New Earth

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    Today I've been telegrammed by Chaosbull, the WA delegate of New Earth (http://www.nationstates.net/region=new_earth) in which he has offered me an embassy exchange between his region and ours.

    This is the full text of the TG:


    dear noble delgate i offer u a Embassy exchange with new earth
    any question pm me
    _Minister of Foreign Affairs and delegate_The Enlightenment welfair states of Chaosbull

    What are your thoughs on this?

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    I would totally agree, I want the EU to become stronger. Once we make closer ties with people the closer to the goal we will become.

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    As Commissioner for Foreign Affairs, I say yes. Just- could someone else be ambassador for once? I'm currently Ambassador to 10,000 Islands, United Kingdom and The United Kingdom.

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    I always could.

  • I would find it perfectly in order if the Foreign Affairs Commissioner appointed an ambassador to New Earth.

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    Thread opened.

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