Piemontese-Italiana Summit in Turin

  • Prime Minister Michele Fiala is sitting in the makeshift Prime Minister's Office of Reggio Calabria when newly appointed foreign minister Layla Berlusconi walks into her office.

    "Prima, the invitation for the Italian ambassador to speak directly with you was given. He's on his way Reggio from Turin," Layla says to PM Fiala.

    "Thank you; I just need to make a message to the people about the fires that are going on in the city," PM Fiala said. She turns towards the camera set.

    "Prima, we're on in three...two...one..." says the cameraman.

    "Good afternoon Piemontese. I have come to Reggio to inspect the tragic fires going on in our southern provinces, and have declared the area a natural disaster and that all funds of the Federation appropriated for disaster go to the area to help the firefighters and quickly recover what has become the base of our economy in the agriculture of this region. That is not all. I have asked the Ambassador to Calabria-Piemonte from Nazione Italiana to come and speak with me directly about the course of the conflict in Spain and how we as a nation can help our fellow, Italian speaking brothers. We will not tolerate any violence against Nazione Italiana and her allies abroad, including Grossdeutches Reich. We will send federal aid monies to the nations in hope that their cause will not be in vain."

    "We're off Prima."

    "Layla, just make sure he arrives safely here," PM Fiala replied. "We can't have anyone be killed on our soil, lest we drag ourselves into this spreading conflict."

  • _The newly appointed ambassador to Calabria-Piemonte, despite his own fears and those of the Presidenta, arrived safely by plane on a military landing strip near Turin.

    "If everything goes well today, I will have gained another strong friend and ally for Nazione Italiana," Rosario del Greco thought to himself.

    He looked around. Despite the small size of the nation's young government, the protection he received was worthy of praise.

    Meeting Davide Terranta outside of the building for the first time, he hardly had time to make an impression of the man before being ushered into where the Signora Prima Fiala and her Foreign Minister, Signora Berlusconi, sat waiting.

    He greeted them._

    "Grazie tanto! I am overwhelmed with your hospitality... and I'd be lying if I said it isn't a relief to be an ambassador to a nation of fellow italophones! I am excited for this first meeting. Besides a language, we share so much; values, goals and morals. Nazione Italiana is committed to a strong Calabria-Piemonte. Enough from me though for now; you have invited me... you surely must have a few discussion topics in mind!"

  • Signora Prima Fiala looked across to Signor del Greco and smiled happily.

    "Yes, it's wonderful to have such a strong connection in values, goals, language, and morals. I'm sure you're quite relieved to not have to learn another language to blend into our country well.

    The citizens of Calabria-Piemonte and I would like to extend an offer of travel between our nations for those who are injured in the current conflict, as our cities and resources have been prepared for all of those who need to be nursed back into health from both Grossdeutches Reich and Nazione Italiana. I will contact the Grossdeutches leaders, in hopes that his people who aren't affected by this tragedy will also be able to move into our nation until it is safe to return to their former homes," Prima Fiala said to Signor del Greco.

    'I hope he finds this offer appealing. I want to make sure that our common peoples are well taken care of, and any allies of the Nazione Italiana are allies of ours,' she thought to herself.

    "Second, I would like to open up additional trade routes between our nations to bolster the wartime economy in Nazione Italiana and our economy here. Our agricultural economy is experiencing, despite the fires in Reggio, a 70% surplus, and even with anticipated growth, we will still have enough food for at least 700 million plus people. Therefore, I am proposing a free-trade agreement between our two nations. Surely, the idea sounds appealing?

    I must say this now before I forget... I want to give the Queen and Presidenta and all of their essential staff access to the bunker that our government has for bomb attacks from any unfriendly nations. We have no need to use it as we are not directly involved in the war and may not be subject to attack. It is heavily guarded by our national forces, and is 2 miles underground. I hope you will never have to use it, but nevertheless the offer is there.

    Finally, I would like to establish a hub of Air Piemonte from our nation to yours, so that we can have more airplanes flying to and from each nation. to encourage more travel and trade.. I know that is a lot to process on your first visit here, but I feel it deeply necessary that we get an open forum for these ideas out into discussion. Is there anything else that you would like to counter or even just say?"

  • **"As we work to further industrialize Nazione Italiana, have a strong ally with strong agricultural opportunities is in both of our greater interests. I am sure our government would agree with me and would do everything to open up trade between Calabria-Piemonte and Italia.

    "However, when it comes to the Reich, I am afraid I have to disagree with your proposal. While warm-hearted and well-meant, it is simply too dangerous for the time being to move anyone out of the Reich. The Germans are doing their best to keep the people currently not infected safe. Nazione Italiana, one of the Reich's strongest allies, is not taking any refugees and we ask that you follow suit. The time will come when the Reich rises again and its citizens travel freely throughout the EU, but for now we must strictly hinder all international movement.

    "I hope it never comes to such a point that we have to move our Monarch and Head of State outside of the country due to safety reasons. But, it is very nice to hear your offer and to know they would be secure if it ever came to such a situation.

    "The airlines in Nazione Italiana are completely controlled by the private enterprise. However, I believe they would be more than happy to hear your offer and our government could do all in its power to help the deal along. Italians see Calabria-Piemonte as a business wonderland. A young nation, not afraid to get its hands dirty and willing to cooperate in all realms of the world of commerce. I think we are in for a very healthy relationship and, as I said, our government is committed to a safe, happy, prosperous Calabria-Piemonte. A "mother-daughter" relationship, if you will."**

  • Prima Signora Fiala sat, happy to hear that Nazione Italiana and Piemonte were going to be happily working together. She knew her small nation would be growing fast and would need an industrious partner to help bolster the economy.

    "Thank you so much for such reassuring answers. Our agricultural based economy at the present time will be more than happy to help the ever prominent industria italiana. We will draw up the papers and come up with an agreement.

    We respect your decision to caution us against accepting German refugees, and we will not allow them in as well. We do understand the growing presence of this disease in Europe and the need to isolate it.

    Again, we just want to reassure that you have a strong ally in us and that we will protect your sovereigns if there ever comes a dreadful time where they would need to seek shelter.

    As for Air Piemonte... as a mixed economy currently (due to being such a small nation), Air Piemonte currently is held by the government as a majority leader, but we are more than willing to sell our shares to Italiana and Calabrese shareholders. We understand that moving to a free market as we grow will be completely beneficial.

    Thank you so much for coming here, and you're more than welcome to stay in the Piaza Reale in one of the dignitary guest rooms until your official embassy is fitted. It should only take a couple of days. When do you think the Queen and/or Presidenta would be able to travel safely? We have fighter pilots ready to escort them when the documents are drawn up.

  • **"As soon as the war is over I am sure both of them would be more than happy to come visit, or, much more likely, would like to invite a Piemontese delegation to Roma.

    "I am also curious to know what kind of Italian technology or products in general is Calabria-Piemonte interested in acquiring over the coming months? A deal with our airline companies can't be the only thing you are interested in."**

  • "The Calabrese people are interested in just getting manufactured goods that can't be made here...finer cars, but more importantly they want an investment in the future...factories and what not that can be made here. Despite having, as I said before, tons of agricultural wealth, the north isn't made for growing much of anything besides the forests amidst the mountains and what not, as I'm sure you can remember from the flight here.

    We look to build our own factories, but also get some foreign investment here in the north, as our more populous cities are up here and there is starting to evolve a bit of urban sprawl, particularly in the newer section of Turin. With that new style of living comes the need for factories and businesses for an eager populace like ours to work. I feel as though it's a win-win situation for both nations. With an investment here, especially by your private enterprises, they get a wealth of resources to work with in both the North and South, and we grow economically from the cooperation.

    Calabria-Piemonte has a surprisingly large amount of aluminum and uranium in the northern mountains, the latter being the most surprising find. Our scientists have discovered that when we get the technology, we can supply power for at least 15 times our current national population with the supply of uranium that we have discovered."

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    **"Nazione Italiana would like to propose the following. An agreement can be made which eliminates the tariffs and taxes on goods from Calabria-Piemonte such as cars, electronics and other similar items. We would also like to completely eliminate such tariffs on agricultural products and want to turn our northern neighbor into the nation, from which we import most of our fruits and vegetables. As you know, Italia is not without her own agricultural sector. However, Calabria-Piemonte has much to offer us.

    "Nazione Italiana has a strong position against nuclear weapons. We have none, although we have researched the technology and use nuclear power. Therefore, a deal where our power plants by resources would be very welcomed. Again, private enterprise, but the government could help along, with tax incentives, for example, to make sure that our plants and their supporting corporations buy from you first.

    "What did the Calabrese-Piemontese government have in mind in terms of a defensive treaty with Nazione Italiana?"**

  • ((OOC: Ouch...I hope everything is better now!)

    La Prima Signora smiled before she replied.

    "What we would like from this peace treaty is to ensure that the Italian peoples in our nations be secure and willing to defend each other. We would like to offer the Italian armies a port in the southern city of Reggio di Calabria, our second largest city dedicated to the Nazione Italiana navy when it needs to hold a port closer in times of war.

    In this defense treaty, would like to have the standard statues regarding defending the sister nation against belligerents, but the most important thing that we would like from this treaty is that in periods of war on the ground, both nations have immediate access to the highways of the other to mobilize troops and that we both stand together in terms of nuclear ideology, as we too denounce the proliferation of nuclear weapons.

    We want to make sure that our people are strong together in hopes that one day, we can become a united, dual autonomous Italian nation.

  • **"Nazione Italiana is very interested in such a protection treaty. We feel it is our duty to keep our brothers in culture and tongue secure.

    However, your government must realize one thing, and I hope this comes across without and hard feelings. In all reality, Calabria-Piemonte is still a while away from being able to economically, and therefore also politically, join in formal union with Nazione Italiana. As we speak, there are plans in Italia for the nation to switch back to the Italian Lira. This would not be the same currency, namely, our old currency, that is still in use in Calabria-Piemonte. While this is of course a goal Calabria-Piemonte can shoot for, we are, in the eyes of our economic experts, at least a few years from making such a union successful.

    Again, we are prepared to do nearly everything in our power to help you on the path. A strong Calabria-Piemonte will only make Nazione Italiana stronger."**

  • "The Calabrese understand this fact, and we're willing to work for years to make sure that our economy would be in order to make this union later. I'm getting the economical numbers today, and I'm sure they will be good news, as businesses and factories have been starting to pop up in the North."

  • "The Circular Chamber of the Nazione Italiana legislature has begun working on the treaty. Your government may also submit a draft and the ideas can be combined. This is up to you. Expect our first offer in late May or early June."

  • Il signor Del Greco,

    Il primo ministro e il governo piacerebbe vedere le disposizioni del documento proposto dalla Nazione italiana come appena ? finito prima di noi presumiamo di aggiungere, modificare o cose sciopero dal record. Spero che tu capisca la nostra volont? di aspettare e non prenderla come un segno di essere impegnati al compito.

    Signora Berlusconi

    Mr. Del Greco,

    The Prime Minister and the government would love to see the provisions of the document proposed by the Italian Nation as soon as it is finished before we presume to add, change, or strike things from the record. I hope you understand our willingness to wait and do not take it as a sign of being uncommitted to the task.

    Ms. Berlusconi

  • "Certo, io capisco. Please remember this will take some time to pass through the Italian Parliament and Senate."

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