The United Kingdom of Poland-Lithuania

  • The United Kingdom of Poland-Lithuania
    Zjednoczone Kr?lestwo o Polska
    Lenkijos Karalystė ir Lietuvos
    Каралеўства Польскае і Вялікае Княства Літоўскае

    A Kr?lestwem Polak?w i Litwin?w

    National Anthem:
    Polonaise Royale
    Royal Polonaise
    Kr?lewskie Polonez
    (Polonaise in A Major - Frederic Chopin)

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    Flag of the United Kingdom of Poland-Lithuania

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    Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom of Poland-Lithuania

    Formal Name: United Kingdom of Poland-Lithuania/Zjednoczone Kr?lestwo o Polska

    Conventional Name: Poland/Polska
    Abbreviation: POL

    National Information

    Capital City: Warsaw
    *Official: Polish, Lithuanian
    *Unofficial: English, German, Russian, Czech, Slovak
    Religions Practiced: Roman Catholicism, Polish Orthodox Church, Eastern Orthodox Church, Judaism
    -Kingdom of Poland: 1025 AD
    -Grand Duchy of Lithuania: 1251 AD
    -Union of Lublin: 1569 AD
    -Partition of Poland: 1795
    -Reinstatement of Poland: 1919
    -Re-establishment of the Monarchy: 1920
    Population: 108.900.000 (RP as of May 2010)
    Currency: Euro (?)
    Internet TLD: .pl
    Calling Code: +48


    Government Type: Parliamentary constitutional monarchy
    Head of State:

    • Queen Jadwiga of Poland and Lithuania
      Head of Government:
    • Marshal of the Sejm
      Members of the Straż Praw (Guardians of the Law):
    • Minister of Internal Affairs
    • Minister of War
    • Minister of Economics
    • Minister of Foreign Affairs
    • Minister of Police (Enforcement)
    • The Roman Catholic Primate
    • The Crown Prince
    • Secretary
    • Secretary

    Legislative branch

    The Sejm (A bicameral parliament):

    • Chamber of Envoys/Izba Poselska (Lower House)
    • Senate/Senat (Upper House)

    Chamber of Envoys

    The Chamber of Envoys is elected in terms of 4 years by a proportional representational vote (using d'Hondt method). The leader of this house, the Marshal of the Sejm, is the head of state and runs the Chamber of Envoys in its law making processes. Seats are only chosen from parties who have won at least 5% of the vote (with the exception of ethnic minority parties).

    Seats: 460


    The Senate is elected in terms of 4 years, 2 years offset from the members of the Chamber of Envoys. The leader of the majority party in this house is called the Marshal of the Senate. The Senate can reject laws from the Chamber of Envoys, but those laws can still be passed with an absolute majority vote. The process of voting is plural bloc voting.

    Next elections: June 2010 (Chamber of Envoys)


    Gross Domestic Product: appox. $3.933 trillion
    GDP per capita: $36.115,91
    Unemployment rate: 2.82%
    Major industries: Tourism, Automobile Manufacturing, Gambling

    Foreign Affairs

    Poland-Lithuania practices mostly isolationist practices, though they are willing to be very friendly with the rest of the European Union.

    Diplomatic Relations

    Poland-Lithuania maintains good diplomatic relations with French Albion

    International Organisations

    *European Union (Ms. Sonia Domachowska)
    *French Albion (Mr. Mikhail Lukacziewicz)

    Foreign Travel

    Polish citizens need a passport issued in either the Polish or Lithuanian language to travel through Europe.

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