ELDL End of Session Report

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    Dear Party Members,

    At ELDL Headquarters we wish to make a report to make the end of this Comissionary session.

    We have had this session an elected member of the comission who the ELDL would like to commend for hs services not only as comissioner for economics against a role which had limited capacity for input into EU law and regulation but also as party chairman. Comissioner Harajok Zelezny has offically submitted that he will not be standing again for either role triggering the re-election of party chairman which has ultimately fallen to Maleeka Liszckoszi the only candidate for the post. Chairman Liszckoszi had reported to us that she is very pleased with progress fo the party and is honoured to be takin a post Comissioner Zelezny served with such manner and grace.

    The party also wishes to confirm prosperity in funding within the party gainin a positive move of a 14% increase in net value.

    The Kaldoon ELDL headquarters have proven to be very useful and a great stopping point for all ELDL members to meet and discuss party progress, politics and policy.

    We hope for a great new term and hopefully more progress within the comission.

    Senator Hoiricus Malsteern
    ELDL Communication Executive

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