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    Dear European Union Members,

    At the European Comission Office of Economics we have been crunching some numbers to give a pre-election report of the state of finances as of the date Friday the 14th of May at 22:25 GMT.

    Gross Regional Product: $3,871,035,612,082,366.50
    GRP Per Capita: $24,401.38
    Regional Population: 158,640,000,000
    Regional Average GDP: $34,874,194,703,444.74
    Largest GDP: New Arpad ($519 trillion)
    Smallest GDP: New earth ambassador9 ($25.7 billion)
    Largest GDP Per Capita: Angleter ($44,537)
    Smallest GDP Per Capita: New earth ambassador9 ($210.33)
    Largest Trade Surplus: Unfreedomia ($2.24 trillion)
    Largest Trade Deficit: New Arpad ($2.30 trillion)

    We are excited with the development of the GRP per capita at an average of persons earning a yearly rate of $24,401.38 which we believe is a healthy statistic to be at.

    A $3871 Trillion GRP is veyr promising also.

    The office though is worried about the Trade deficit figure in particular that of New Arpad being at a borrowing rate of $2.30 trillion and would like to ask the nation of Arpad what the plans to tackle this deficit is. Because we do not have a regional currency this should not effect the state of nations economies as much though this is a potetial area of worry for the economic stability of the region.

    The next eonomics comissioner we would request to tackle this defcit problem within the region, in particular with New Arpad, encouragin a spending review to prevent any case of an Economic Recession.

    We are very happy at the constituent members of the EU reaching 158,640,000,000 in citizen numbers, this of course is a figure which will constantly rise.

    As I come to the end of my term within ths office in the comission I would like to thank the Premier Comissioner for her tireless efforts in bring the region forward and I am leaving ths position in what can be a good economically stable region although I have to admit this trade deficit does trouble me and I hope this can be resolved before it is reflected in the markets.

    Comissioner Harajok Zelezny
    European Comission Office of Economics

    Senator Hoiricus Malsteern of Os Corelius
    Economics Junior Comissioner

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