Angleteric-Unfreedomian Summit

  • Prime Minister Dmitri Lathon waited eagerly for the Angeter's Prime Minister's plane to touch down. He had just been called to say that it was due to land. As his car made its way to the runway were he would personally meet the Prime Minister when he got off the plane. He ran through the agenda one last time They would be the usual photo opportunity when the two prime ministers met, then they would be taken on a tour of the city before finally the meeting would take place in the people's palace.

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    As the plane came in for touch down a small bead of sweat ran down Dmitri's otherwise perfectly composed face. He was a little nervous and it was a particularly hot day.

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    Prime Minister Khatkar stepped out of the plane to be met by the impressive skyline of Arangrad, dominated by the People's Palace. His first thoughts were comparisons between the People's Palace and his relatively small residence in New Birmingham. He found Prime Minister Lathon and greeted him, before posing for the camera. He was then whisked away for the tour of Arangrad he had been promised.

  • After the tour the convoy took them both to People's Palace wherethe meeting was to be held. Both parties entered the board room surrounded by aids and sat down. The huge glass window at the end of the gave it an unparalleled view of Arangrad. Once everyone was ready Prime Munister Lathon began to speak.

    "Shall we begin then"

    There were consensual nods from around the room.

    "To businesses then. May I start by saying that we are honoured by your presence Prime Minister Khatkar. Now to discuss the future of our relationship. So far the free trade zone between our two nations has proves to be a major success. We would like to further our friendship through the formulation of a military alliance. The terms of which would be that in the case that either of our great contries be attacked by some other state the other would come to it's defence."

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    A defence pact would be perfect. Furthermore, I suggest that Angleteric companies be allowed to establish factories in Unfreedomia, and vice versa. We do have one problem in that your nation has provided support for the Southern rebels in Inquista, whereas we support the full integrity of the Inquistan state under the Northern government- I can only hope that the peace talks due shall serve to remove this obstacle to our relationship.

    At this point Prime Minister Khatkar looked out of the window to see riots and street battles in Arangrad. He went slightly pale- now the skin tone of a Euro-Angleteric- and turned to Lathon.

    Prime Minister, what the hell is that?

  • Lathon looked at the anarchy unfolding outside in the capital. It was chaos everywhere.

    "I'm afraid this meeting may have to be adjourned temporarily. You can stay here, in the palace, for the time being. It is too dangerous to move. You will have the maximum amount of security at your disposal. Once the situation has calmed sufficiently you will be informed and the meeting can resume."

    He then stood up and left the room, his long coat whipping round behind him.

  • After the events of the previous day the Prime Minister felt exhausted. Order was restored and the city was in the process off being repaired. He however wanted to bring the meeting with the Angleteric Prime Minister to a close so that he could begin campaigning for the upcoming elections in Unfreedomia. Despite the turmoil of the previous day he had had the representatives from Angleter informed that their meetings could resume tomorrow. He hoped quietly to himself that they would be most profitable although worried slightly that given the current domestic climate, close ties for him with such overt capitalists may not be the best thing coming up to an election.

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    Well, it's not every day you sit through a revolution, is it? Or when the city where you're staying changes name during your visit, for that matter- I can only thank God they didn't storm the palace. I understand that you'll want to begin your election campaign as soon as possible, so it's perhaps best that we bring these talks to a close. I'd put the terms of the deal as follows:

    1. That Angleteric and Unfreedomian companies may establish factories in the other nation;

    2. That Angleter and Unfreedomia shall enter into a military defence pact, unless the invader has been suitably provoked into war;

    3. That peace talks over the status of Inquista be held and concluded as soon as possible.

    Would that be alright?

  • Yes, although on the factories point the law in the state where they are built should still apply so they will be under the same regulations and laws as any other factory in the country

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    Naturally. So that's it then. Despite the revolution, I have actually enjoyed this visit. Perhaps I could return in more peaceful times.

    After some photo opportunities outside the palace, Khatkar left for the airport, and for Angleter.

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