ELDL - European Parliament Plan

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    As you know one of the key ELDL plans is to introduce a European Parliament to replace the traditional European Council system.

    This document gives a basic premise of what would be involved

    European Parliament Proposal

    **Document Authors:**Chairman Maleeka Liszckoszi, Praetor Hoiricus Malsteern, High Lord Kairos Jelesniak (Vice-President of Os Corelia)

    Document Supporter: Viscount Kalistus Xantos Xavier - Head of State & Parliament of The New Parliamentary Republic of Os Corelia

    Parliament Ministers & Layout

    Each Nation is allocated a number of 10 ministers to be elected by their citizens by electoral ballot. It is up to each naiton to designate the ten electorate regions. In each of the ten regions each registered Europarty can field a maximum of one candidate. Independent candidates will be considered Non-Enscrit.

    Elections for parliament will take place initially one a yearly basis. This can be reviewed after the first elected parliament is formed.

    By elections will be allowed on the following grounds:
    i) Death of Minister
    ii) Resignation of Minister
    iii) Vote Fixing Allegations
    iv) If a minister is ejected form their parliamentary group - this member can stand again for a different group if he/she wishes to do so

    Parlamentary Layout - Hemicycle

    Left - Right Indicating political position

    In terms of the current Europarties left-to right will be:
    PEL - Party of the European Left
    PES - Party of European Socialists
    ELDL - European Liberal Democrats League
    EPP - European People's Party
    ANE- Alliance for the nations of Europe
    Non-Enscrit - Independent Unaffiliated Ministers

    Each section will have a group leader or chairman (role name genderless) who will be a vice-president of Parliament.

    The europarty with the most votes' leader becomes President of the European Parliament taking on a speaker role and addresses other regions on behalf of the European Parliament. In the case of a tie of number of seats a coalition agreement on who will be president must be made betweent he two parties with the most votes.

    Every new elected MEP has to make a speech to parliament and will be sworn in by Oath on their religious text or by an affirmation.

    Voting in Parliament

    Any minister can propose a motion that must be seconded by another minister. This will be put before the Parliament by the Speaker and needs a Majority of 66% to be passed by parliament.

    A motion can be sponsored by a Europarty which will prioritise the motion in order of business - if a motion is sponsored by multiple Europarties it will become first order of business.

    Parliament will be open Mon-Fri from 9am-5.30pm

    MEPs will be expected to attend on Wednesdays where Europarty sponsored motion will be voted on.

    The speaker will ensure when motions are rpesented tat MEPs do not interfere regardless of ideology. Interference will result in suspension. Constant interference will end in expulsion and thus a by-eleciton in there region of election.

    The European Council of Leaders

    In addition to the elected Parliament there will be a council of all national leaders. This will be also chaired by the President of the European Parliament. Meetings will happen on a monthly basis and leaders will be expected to attend although non-attendence will not result in exulsion.

    Sessions of the ECL can be called in the case of emergencies and crises that may occur. Europolis will provide a facility for the council to meet.

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