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    Office of the Chancellor, Reich Chancellery
    Berlin, Grossdeutsches Reich

    The Chancellor was revising some papers. Someone knocked at the door. 'Come in' he said. His personal secretary, Arnold Barr?, entered.

    Herr Kanzler, did you want to meet me?

    Yes Arnold. Please, take seat.

    Barr? closed the door behind him and took a seat.

    Arnold, our economy has suffered heavily from the war, and we've got to find a way to get back to growth.

    Do you have any idea Robert?

    In fact I do.

    The Chancellor stood up and went to the right corner of his office. There was a plain and tall piece of furniture covered by a white fabric. The chancellor pulled it out and it's content could be seen. It was somekind of blackboard with images, 3D computer renderings and maps of a large plain area located near Tegel (OOC:where Tegel airport is located in RL)

    The Berlin 2011 Expo.

    An Expo?

    Yes, an Expo! An Universal Exposition with a central theme, European Unity and Peace. That's perfect! Also, it will allow us to celebrate the 140th anniversary of the Unification of Germany.

    How will it benefit us?

    It will attract tourist and, surely, investors.

    But shouldn't we focus first on defeating the Spanish?

    Of course, but preparing this exposition won't affect the war outcome in any way.

    Okay. When are we going to announce it? We might have to invite nations to participate in the exposition.

    We'd better wait a few weeks.