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    Formal name: The Microstate of Inquista

    Conventional name: Inquista

    Abbreviation: INQ

    Motto: "For Holy Justice We March Forward!"

    National anthem: National Anthem of Inquista

    National coat of arms: National Coat of Arms of Inquista

    National animal: Black Swan (Cygnus Atratus)

    National colour(s): Yellow, White, Black


    Map: Map of Inquista

    Location: Central Europe, upon the Mediterranean Sea, west of the Black Sea

    Continent: Europe

    Bordering countries: Aleutia to the west, Sitanova to the East

    Area: 3082 km²

    Coastline: 46 km

    Maritime claim: 10 nm

    Climate: Mediterranean, mild and wet winters, hot and dry summers

    Terrain: Flat upon the southern sea bank, otherwise hills begin to incline all the way until the northern border


    Population: 162.01 million (estimate)

    Population density: 52,567/km² (estimate)

    Urban population: 100%

    Sex ratio: 0.99 male(s)/1 female

    Life expectancy: 80.5 years


    Noun: Inquistan(s)

    Adjective: Inquistan

    Ethnic Groups: White 75.2%, Black 14.8%, Sahrawi/Marrakechian 7.8%, Mixed 1.3%, Other 0.9%

    Religion: Inquistan Orthodoxy 98.1%, Other 1.2%, Non-religious 0.7%

    State religion: Inquistan Orthodoxy

    National language(s): English, Latin

    Literacy rate: 99.9%

    School life expectancy: 15 years


    Government style: Unitary theocratic republic

    Head of State and Head of Government: Archbishop Paul Craticus

    Legislature: College of Bishops (unicameral)

    Highest court: Supreme Tribunal

    Capital: Saint Dominico (only city in Inquista)

    Unification: January 25th, 2012 (from North, East and South Inquista)

    National holidays: January 15th (Saint Dominico's Feast Day), January 25th (Unification Day), January 30th (Alexander Kligenberg Day)

    Constitution: February 1st, 2012

    Suffrage: 18 years of age; universal


    National currency: Inquistan Franc (₣)

    Exchange rate: ₣1 = €2.049

    GDP: €7.851 trillion

    GDP per capita: €48,460

    Unemployment rate: 2.86%

    Inflation: 0.6%

    Population below poverty line: 8%

    Important trade partners: Red Croatia, The Sahrawi Union, Halsberg, Inimicus, Albion on Sea, Sitanova, United Kingdom, Os Corelia, Marrakechia, Kryuland


    Internet TLD: .inq

    Drives on: right

    UPDATED: September 5, 2016

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