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    Use the form below to pre-register for the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Moscow, USSR.

    [u]Country Name[/u]:
    [u]Artist or Band Name[/u]:
    [u]Song[/u]: (provide Youtube link if possible)

    DISCLAIMER: Currently there is no fixed date for the 2010 contest to take place due to DEFCON 1 status in the USSR following Spain's declaration of war and use of biochemical weapons against Germany in their bilateral military conflict. Under the general mobilisation order declared by the USSR Ministry of Defence, the country is locked up for preventive reasons and international travel is currently limited severely. Security at the Soviet Union is at high levels and contestants and travellers will not face any risks or threats, provided they respect Soviet laws and instructions from civilian and military security personnel. The organisers reserve the right to deny applications from countries at war with the USSR, with regimes not recognised by the USSR, or with songs or artist names that have a political implications and might be seen as a violation of Soviet legislation. Some 100.000-150.000 tickets will be made available. Licensing to cover the contest is open for a limited number of media per nation, to be purchased from the USSR Ministry of Transportation and Communications. Signups will be open until 1 July.


    1. Slot - 2 Voyni (Soviet Union)
    2. Shaka y Dres - Ton monde (French Albyon)
    3. Cake - Never There (Gro?deutsches Reich)
    4. Facto Delaf? y Las Flores Azules - El Indio (Red Blok)
    5. Tunng - Hustle (Os Corelia)
    6. Die ?rzte - Deine Schuld (Brecon)
    7. Laura Pausini - Il Mio Canto Libero (Nazione Italiana)
    8. Ken Dodd - Happiness (Angleter)
    9. Playing for a Change - Don't Worry (Borvosky)

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    Country Name: Soviet Union // Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
    Artist or Band Name: Slot
    Song: 2 Voyni

  • Nation Name: French Albion/The Federal Republic of French Albion
    Artists: Shaka y Dres
    Song: Ton monde

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    Country Name: Gro?deutsches Reich/The Federal republic of Gro?deutsches Reich
    Artist or Band Name:Cake
    Song: Never There

    As in previous years, Gro?deutscher Fern Rundfunk, now named Deutscher Fernsehfunk, will be broadcasting the contest in the Gro?deutsches Reich.

  • Country Name: RED BLOK
    Artist or Band Name: Facto Delaf? y Las Flores Azules
    Song: EL INDIO

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    Country Name: Os Corelia/ The Parliamentary New Republic of Os Corelia
    Artist or Band Name:Tunng

    OsCosTV our national Broadcaster wishes to purchase broadcasting rights

  • Country Name: Brecon
    Artist or Band Name: Die ?rzte
    Song: Deine Schuld
    Deine Schuld (English Subtitles)

    Brecon Communications wishes to acquire the rights to broadcast the contest in Brecon.

  • Country Name: Nazione Italiana // il Regno della Nazione Italiana (the Kingdom of Nazione Italiana)
    Artist or Band Name: Laura Pausini
    Song: Il mio canto libero

    The Italian television company RaiUno wishes to purchase the rights to broadcast the Song Contest in Italia.

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    Country Name: Angleter/The Grand Marquessate of Angleter
    Artist or Band Name: Ken Dodd
    Song: Happiness

    Radio & Television Angleter (R&TA) shall broadcast Eurovision 2010 in Angleter.

  • Country Name:Borvosky
    Artist or Band Name:Playing for Change (collective artists)
    Don't Worry

    The Borvosky National Broadcasting Station will broadcast the 2010 Eurovision in Borvosky along with several other corporate news stations

  • Nation: Calabria-Piemonte/The People's Republic of Calabria-Piemonte
    Artists: Charice and Christian Imparato
    Song: Adagio

  • Country Name: Aborgian / Reiko Kryuus S'Arborgios
    Artist or Band Name: Skambankt
    Song: Skamania

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    As Calabria-Piemonte left I think we can put his entry out of the contest. Do you agree?

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    I'm a bit worried. Sign-ups closed more than a month ago and the contest hasn't yet started. Even more, the Soviet Union has disappeared for inactivity. What should we do?

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    The USSR's still active here, he voted in the ECoJ when prompted. I remember he said (IC) that the USSR was under lockdown and would continue to be so until the war ends.

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    QUOTE (Angleter @ Aug 9 2010, 11:27 AM)

    I remember he said (IC) that the USSR was under lockdown and would continue to be so until the war ends.

    So, as of now, it seems VERY unlikely that we'll have Eurovision 2010 at all.

  • If the contest is on hold only because of the USSRs war-related travel restrictions an alternative could be not hosting one event with all bands meeting in Moscow. Maybe each participant nation could hold a televised concert with their band and then vote on the results as usual. Or we could wait until the war ends or travel restrictions are eased.

  • I am confused, is this being held back because of OOC issues or IC issues ?

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    if problems are still happening Os Corelia would hapilly step in to be a host nation

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    IC. The USSR's under lockdown until the war with Spain is over.

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