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    I would like to announce a unilateral action of mine, in light of one of our longer-standing members' continued activity and presence on our forums. However, before I make the announcement, I need to stress that since this is unilateral, if the other admin (Belarum) protests at my decision, the following announcement is null and void.

    Now, to the point. In light of his continued presence as an active (if sometimes pestering tongue.gif ) role-player on our regional forums, I decided to elevate Angleter to the position of a Forum Moderator, together with Grossdeutsches Reich. The position enables him to edit, pin, unpin, split and merge threads across the entire forum, thus meant to improve our maintenance.

    You can always refer to either of them to maintain our map thread or our active role-play sections. Neither can, however, delete posts, nor should they delete a post's content; leave that up to an Admin instead, contacting either of us (me and Belarum) directly for these purposes.

    Angleter, congratulations.

  • In the words of the Citizens of Oz, CONGRATULOTIONS!

  • Admin

    Thank you, thank you all. Thank you all very much, pending Belarum's approval.


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