North Inquista vs Mauresmo

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    ((It is hard to make this 100% IC so I had to go a little free style...))

    Hello Judges,

    I would like to begin by congratulating all of you in the elections. Well done.

    As we all know there have been large amounts of fraud and impurities in these latest elections. We do not need to prove these ? excuse me ? this one person guilty. Amelie Mauresmo has already been proven guilty by the EU community. Thus Calabria-Piemonte, French Alboyn, and the others have withdrawn membership of the European Union.

    Here is a list of members nations who had taken or would take part of the fraud ((Curtsey of our Soviet Spies)):


    In the other news I discovered more puppets (added with the previous ones to one big list):

    1. Poland-Lythuania (account suspended) - same e-mail as #2
    2. Calabria-Piemonte - e-mail address, unique but closely matching that of #4
    3. Australia - same e-mail as #2
    4. Austrie-Hungarie (account suspended) - same IP and e-mail as #6
    5. Yugoslavya (account suspended) - same IP as #6
    6. The United Kingdom - self-admitted as #7's puppet
    7. French Albyon
    8. Austria-Hungary (account suspended) - same e-mail as #7
      The accounts all share **similar ** IP addresses as well.

    Now I would not have a problem if French Albyon spoke of all this in advance, but such dishonesty... tsk tsk. That's eight accounts, and I wonder whether I am going to discover more... Naughty boys.

    But what are they guilty for? It doesn?t state in the Constitution that one can?t manipulate certain nations for a vote? It is a mere unspoken rule. I propose that the Constitution to be updated. That voting with manipulation of others to be outlawed and that Amelie Mauresmo to face the consequences.

    ((Also, in the OOC side of things, we should create that ?Grand Sticky Thread of puppets?. Also, we should set a limit on how many puppets can be in use. Maybe 1 or 2.))

    I also propose that the un-legitimate Commision to be dissolved and that another voting period to begin immediately.

    Thanks for the time.

  • Pax Aurea wholeheartedly supports this amendment to the Constitution. All actions to fight corruption are welcome indeed.

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    A grave matter indeed. Madame Mauresmo and the French Albyonaise government have a week to make their defence against these charges. French Albyon is indeed still a member of this Union, so they are able to defend themselves if they so wish. If they do not do so, and the Court of Justice decides in North Inquista's favour, then we shall be able to order a rerun of the Commission elections- with Mauresmo excluded.

    However, the Court of Justice cannot amend the Constitution to ban manipulation of nations in votes and elections. That would be up to the Council to do- I'd suggest that the Inquistan delegate to the Council table such an amendment. Therefore, that course of action shall not be taken.

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    French Albyon is no longer a member of the EU and so Mauresmo has resigned her seat as Premier Commissioner. However, deliberations will proceed.

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    North Inquista vs Mauresmo
    European Court of Justice


    That Premier Commissioner Amelie Mauresmo committed electoral fraud in the Commission elections of May 2010 to illegitimately obtain her position of Premier Commissioner.


    That the May 2010 elections be nullified and repeated, with the exclusion of Mme. Mauresmo.


    Guilty, motion carried.


    5-0 in favour of North Inquista.

    Chief Justice Frobisher: GUILTY
    Justice Heth: GUILTY
    Justice Putin: GUILTY
    Justice Sprengel: GUILTY
    Justice Bildt: GUILTY


    In the matter of North Inquista vs Mauresmo, this Court finds the defendant guilty of electoral fraud and thus carries the motion by North Inquista.

    The plaintiff did not provide any charges for the Court, but made clear references to the charges that the Court construed from the plaintiff's argument and provided a motion linked to the charge. Therefore we have established a charge of committing electoral fraud in the May 2010 Commission elections, and have found the defendant guilty of this charge. It is the opinion of this Court that the evidence provided by the plaintiff, which was gathered by the USSR- a nation with no motive to discredit Mauresmo for its own gain as there was no Soviet candidate in the tainted Commission elections, is sufficient proof that the elections were rigged by Mauresmo, and that four of the six votes she received were completely illegitimate.

    Therefore, the Court has decided to carry North Inquista's motion that the Commission elections be annulled and rerun. This course of action shall henceforth be taken in any case of electoral fraud- even if the beneficiary does not win, or would still have won without the fraudulent votes. This also applies to the ECoJ elections, given that the Constitution stipulates that ECoJ elections shall be carried out in the same manner as Commission elections.

    A question arose during the course of this trial due to Mauresmo's compulsory resignation that came with the end of French Albyon's stay in the European Union. As had been previously mentioned, contrary to the plaintiff's claims, French Albyon was a member of the Union upon this case being brought before the Court. However, this is no longer the case, and this may bring some to conclude that the tainted part of the Commission has been removed, and thus that it should not be nullified.

    The Court, to the contrary, believes that the post-Mauresmo Commission remains tainted and unable to continue. Firstly, it does not take anything away from the fact that the results of the Commission elections were fraudulent, and it would be fallacious to allow these tainted election results to stand. Secondly, the Commission remains tainted even without Mauresmo- take as an example the chain of succession, which would place Maleeka Liszckoszi as Premier Commissioner in lieu of Mauresmo. Ms. Liszckoszi was by no means second in the Commission elections- she came well down the order, with Felice di Francesco taking second place. Furthermore, she was most likely appointed first in line due to her shared affiliation to the ELDL Europarty with Mauresmo- even the legitimate Mauresmo votes and Liszckoszi's votes do not outweigh those for di Francesco, and therefore Liszckoszi can claim no legitimate electoral mandate for her succession.

    Therefore, the Court hereby nullifies the results of the May 2010 Commission election, and also nullifies the Commission itself. Commission VII shall be re-elected, with all the candidates from the May election, except for Mauresmo, running: there shall be no new nominations stage.

    Due to her nation's leaving the Union, we are unable to take any action against Mauresmo or French Albyon.

    Opinion by FROBISHER.

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    I would like to add to the findings of this investigation that I would not have taken the position of Premier Comissioner even if it was legitimate to do so as in the interest of demoracy agree with the decision for an election to be called.

    I would also like to state that the ELDL had no involvement with Ms Mauresmos fraud and request that the Europarty be cleared of any connection to the plaintiff's actions. If a further trial is necessary please inform me and I would be happy to comply. We did support Ms Maruesmos victory but this was when we had no knowledge of the crime committed.

    Chairman Maleeka Liszckoszi
    ELDL President

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    There has been no evidence to suggest the ELDL was in any way complicit in the fraud committed by Mme. Mauresmo, and therefore any trial would be a waste of time at this moment. Unless new evidence does come to light that implicates it, the ELDL is to be judged to be completely innocent of any electoral fraud.

    -Chief Justice Frobisher.

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    On behalf of the ELDL I would like to thank Cheif Justice Frobisher and the other Justices for their swift response on the matter.

    thank you

    Chairman Maleeka Liszckoszi

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