Drive to Madrid

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    Wehrmacht HQ,
    July 30th

    The Chancellor, General Julian Sascher of the Heer, Admiral Reinhardt Goetz of the Kriegsmarine and General Josef Beckenbauer of the Luftwaffe were discussing the details of the upcoming invasion of Spain

    Chancellor, our best option is to capture the Balearic Islands and establish an advanced position there. From there we could bomb half Spain, including Madrid.-said General Beckenbauer- I suppose we could have an air-naval operation with seaborne landings in the eastern coast of Mallorca and airborne landings at the Palma Airport and the capital. But we'd need the Kriegsmarine for that.

    It's okay for me, General. I suppose that we can begin the operation if Reinhardt is willing to participate. Reinhardt, do you agree with the operation outline?

    I do Chancellor, though I have several doubts about the necessity of such an operation. Why don't we just bomb Madrid with one or two nuclear weapons and that's it?

    Simply because we can't. If we bombed Madrid and killed so many civilians we would be falling at their moral level, killing uncountable civilians just for revenge. I think enough civilians have died during the last months.

    You've convinced me. When are we beginning?

    If we do everything quickly, I suppose that we can land on Mallorca by August 10th.

    Okay then. Gentlemen, the Drive to Madrid has just begun.

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    Battle of Balearic Islands: Order of battle

    Heer - Personnel: 15.000 men

    • 5th Armoured Division [15.000 men]
      11th Armoured Brigade [2.500 men / 125 Challenger II]
      12th Armoured Brigade [2.500 men / 125 Challenger II]
      11th Infantry Brigade [2.500 men]
      12th Infantry Brigade [2.500 men]
      5th Mechanized Infantry Brigade [2.500 men / 90 BTR-80]
      5th Artillery Brigade [2.500 men / 150 AS-90]

    Luftwaffe - Personnel: 31.287 men

    • 1st Airborne Division [15.000 men]
    • 4th Airborne Division [15.000 men]
    • 6th Bomber Wing [624 men]
      13th Bomber Group [312 men / 24 Avro Vulcan]
      2nd Fighter Group [312 men /24 Mikoyan MiG-29]
    • 3rd Fighter Wing [624 men]
      11th Fighter Group [312 men / 24 Harrier II]
      12th Fighter Group [312 men / 24 Sukhoi Su-30MK]
    • 1st AWACS Flight [39 men / 3 Raytheon Sentinel]

    Kriegsmarine - Personnel: 7.740 men

    • Task Force 1 [7.740 men]
      "Vaterland" Squadron [5.560 men / 1 Invincible class, 2 Durand de la Penne class, 1 Bismarck class]
      I Flotilla [730 men / 1 Castle class, 1 Type 23 class, 1 San Giorgio]
      II Flotilla [910 men / 1 Castle class, 1 Type 23 class, 2 San Giorgio]
      III Flotilla [540 men / 4 Alpha class]

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    August 10th, 2010. 06:27 AM
    Flight deck of SDK Ocean, Red Sea

    Lt. Arnold Beckenbauer was ready for it. He had been told what he had to do about a thousand times or so. He knew it perfectly. "Remember, Arnold, when the helicopter reaches it's destination, you and your platoon must take the building and secure it for the arrival of Major General Domenech. It is of vital importance that we take the HQ of the local TV." He knew what his mission consisted in. Soon, he was signaled by a crewman to board the Merlin. When his platoon had boarded the craft, the pilot initiated the rotors and the aircraft smoothly lifted up in the air. Arnold looked through the window and saw several other Merlins taking off the flight deck of the Ocean. After some minutes after take off, the helicopter passed by some BTR-80 which were going towards the coast, carrying the first wave of the invasion force. The remainder of the forces would be carried by helicopter to safe landing paths cleared by the first wave soldiers. He wouldn't be so lucky, as he would have to go down using a rope, along with the rest of his platoon. Suddenly, the helicopter's megaphony systems activated and a song began playing. Maybe someone at the HQ decided that Metallica's "For Whom the Bell Tolls" would give them some extra adrenalin for the ensuing battle. In a few minutes they reached the coast. Minutes later, they could see it, Palma, the capital city of the federal state of the Balearic Island. Arnold had been there some years ago for summer holidays with one of those Strength Through Joy holidays for the workers of the Reich and those who, like him, where the defenders of the Reich. Now, he was going to take that city for the Reich and, maybe in the near future, he could go there again for summer holidays. The helicopter estabilised over a simple, cement-grey building located a few meters away from the coast. The pilot took the Leutenant's attention and pointed to the door. Arnold understood him and opened the door. When he looked down, he saw the rope, extended under the belly of the helicopter. He grabbed it and descended the first. He was soon followed by his fellow troopers. In a few hours, he would be preparing for the next step, the continent. The Drive to Madrid had officially begun in that moment.

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    August 10th, 2010. 10:18 AM
    Hotel America, Cales de Mallorca, Mallorca

    The landing in Cales de Mallorca, a popular touristic place in Mallorca, had been highly successful, and the main command had established it's HQ at an 8-floor hotel, the Hotel America. The commanders of the landing force had assembled at the restaurant of the hotel to get briefed on the status of the operation. Generalmajor Domenech, commander of the 5th Panzerdivision, was briefed on the operation's status by a lieutenant of the 11th Infantry brigade. The bulk of the invasion force, the 11th and 12th Panzer brigades were, along with the 11th Infantry, advancing to Palma. They would be provided artillery support by the 5th artillery brigade, which was also going with them to the city. The 1st Fallschirmj?gerdivision had already been dropped by helicopters in Palma to occupy key positions (the local television IB3 HQ, the S. Sant Joan Intl. Airport, the Son Bonet airstrip...). However, the 4th Fallschirmj?gerdivision hadn't yet been able to be delivered to it's objective in Alcudia, the 2nd most important port of the islands behind Palma. To supply this, the 5th Mechanized had been sent to take the city, but the 12th infantry had been kept in Cales de Mallorca to keep the HQ protected. After the briefing, Domenech received a call from lt. Beckenbauer, of the 1st Fallschirmj?gerdivision. They had taken the HQ of the local television network, IB3, a key objective of the operation. Domenech then left the building and took a Merlin to Palma.

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    August 10th, 2010. 11:52 AM
    IB3 TV Studios, Son Bugadelles, Calvi?, Mallorca

    Domenech's Merlin landed in front of the main entrance of the complex. There, he was received by Leutenant Beckenbauer, leader of Gamma Platoon and son of General Josef Beckenbauer. Both walked into the building and General Domenech was taken to the stage. There was a wooden table and everything had been prepared. The Grossdeutscher tricolor and the Balearic flag had been prepared and put behind the table. Domenech, who had already prepared his speech, was told to seat in the chair. There was one minute until the broadcast began, so he prepared himself for the speech. Five, four, three, two, one.

    Citizens of the Balearic Islands, Operation Torch has been successful. You have not to be afraid. We have come here to free you of the imperialistic yoke imposed on you by the genocidal dictator Joaquim Villar. I, as a fellow catalan, know the suffering and oppression dictatorships have imposed on our people. You don't have to worry, we won't let Villar take you again. As of now, you are free. You can take on your future as you find it good. Soon, Catalunya, the Basque Country and Portugal and Galicia will be free as well. You will ALL be freed from oppression. The nightmare, is OVER. Good day, and good luck.

  • August 10th. 12:04 PM
    Palacio de Buenavista, Madrid

    Several officers were watching at the tv. A german-catalan general, Domenech, was addressing the country in Catalan. Though it was only being broadcasted by IB3, the Spanish national tv was broadcasting it live as well, while adding it Spanish subtitles. General Villar took the remote controler and switched the device off.

    Gentlemen, today we have commited a horrible act of uncounsciousness and stupidity. We have left our rear door wide open, and the looters are in our house. It's only a matter of weeks, or even days, that they land in the continental territories. We have to act now! We need to move additional troops to Valencia and Catalonia. If we don't, they'll take them without much effort. We must also increase our anti-aircraft defenses. They may try to bomb us down, or even drop an A-bomb. We can't discard anything as of now.

    Everyone stayed silent, waiting for someone to respond. After a few seconds, General Villar spoke again.

    C'mon! That's an order! This country is not going to defend itself alone. We need to act quickly and decisively.

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    September 9th, 10:30 PM
    SDK Ocean's officers' room, Bay of Palma

    The Minister of Defense, General Sachser, Admiral Goetz and General Beckenbauer were discussing the next step in the theater.

    General Sachser, Admiral Goetz, General Beckenbauer. The Chancellor is going to issue a 72 hour ultimatum to general Villar. Though we all know that he isn't going to surrender so easily, the chancellor wants to give him an opportunity before we attack.

    Men, I'm going to tell you clearly and simply: the chancellor wants to use a nuke.


    Don't be alarmed. We're not dropping it on civilians or spanish forces. The plan is to launch an ICBM up into the atmosphere above Madrid and detonate it. The resulting EMP will fry communications and electronic devices through the country. The Spanish military won't be able to communicate and we will be able to easily penetrate through the country. The chancellor wants total victory on November, and this is the only way to accomplish it. Do we approve of this plan?

    It is okay for me.

    I vote for it as well.

    What about you, Julian?

    Okay. Let's go for it!

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    September 15th, 12:15 PM
    Reich Chancellory, Berlin

    There were only three people at the Chancellor's office: Captain Fitzner, Gen. Beckenbauer and the chancellor himself.

    Herr Kanzler, the spanish government has plainly ignored our ultimatum and have chosen not to respond to our demands. What do we do now, sir?

    I think it is obvious. We will respond. We must hit hard and hit fast. And I hope we don't have to hit often. General Beckenbauer, how can we disable the spanish communication network and leave them blind?

    Sir, our experts suppose that a one and a half megaton nuclear detonation 300 km above the geographic center of Spain may destroy about the 75-80% of our enemy's electronic systems and communication capabilities. It would effectively leave Madrid blind, mute and deaf, thus allowing for our troops to take the country rapidly while the Spanish military is moving around, looking for a commander to lead them to battle.

    And when could we launch such an attack?

    Erm... I suspect that we could launch a successful operation of that magnitude by mid-October.

    Get everything ready general, I want to be at Madrid on November 1st.

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    September 16th, 16:46pm
    Corelian High Parliament, Aerodimus

    The Viscount took to the stand with a certain edge of nervousness to the statement he was about to make knowing that it could severley damage the national relationship with Grossdeutches Reich as well as his dear friend Chancellor Mainzer

    My fellow ministers in Parliament I have called this session to formalize an opinion we have of events in the Grossdeutches Reich war with Spain. This is not easy to do as we have to at this point formally object to the actions of a nation we are in friendship with, but as a national of peace and hope in democracy what I am about to say must be said.

    It is with great regret that I have to officially condemn the planned nuclear action against Spain. The use of the atomic bomb is something that we simply cannot let slip by. These bombs destroy humanity, life in such a terrifying and cruel way that sickens me to my core. The citizens of Spain are not all supportive of the general's actions so why should they be obliterated over something they have no control over.

    We formally urge Chancellor Mainzer to reconsider this course of action before it is too late and holocaust ensues. We simply cannot sit by and let this weapon of evil be deployed.

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    September 16th, 8:14 PM
    Office of the Chancellor, Berlin

    Fitzner entered the Chancellor's office. He had an important message of the Corelian government.

    Sir. We have been contacted by the Corelian government. They are fearful of our plan to detonate a nuclear device above Spain.

    I can't understand their fear. It will be a controlled and insignificant detonation up in the atmosphere. There will be relatively minimal effects on the civilian population. If we consider the complete destruction of all electronic devices in the country as a minimal effect.

    Sir, I think that we shouldn't have taken this decision so lightly. There will be civilian deaths. Not many, but anyways, they are innocent civilians.

    Fitzner, I suspect that you don't remember what happened five months, two days and eight hours ago. War came here, and EIGHT MILLION innocent civilians died. It was my fault. I was chosen to protect them and I failed. I must at least take revenge in their name.

    Then why don't we try to assasinate Villar?

    I don't want him to die. If he does so, he will escape justice. He has to respond for his acts.

    And if we kidnapp him?

    It's too difficult. The italians tried to assasinate him and their spec ops barely escaped. However, we could try it before launching the operation. Tell the Corelians that we have re-though and that we are suspending the nuclear attack indefinitely. Tell general Domenech to prepare his best team and get them to Madrid before Saturday morning.

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    September 17th, 18:10pm
    Office of The Viscount, Leodis House

    The Viscount picked up the phone and had a call patched through to Chancellor Mainzer

    Robert, We are please to hear of your reconsideration it appears that we were not entirely informed on your plans but do still oppose the use due ot the risk. I have phoned to offer our co-operation in assisting.

    Admiral Okozio head of our armed forces has devised a plan to remove Villar. The corelian land force have been gathering intelligence on Villar ever since our treaty of friendship we have realised the importance of resolving the situation. We have managed to get one of our men in Villar's cabinet.

    We understand that a kidnap of the General is entirely possible, he has a retreat complex situated in an inconspicuous building in the north west of the city of madrid. Behind the building about 10 mins away is a shed with a concealed staircase where the General takes tea with his family at precisely 17:46 every day - for this 10 min walk he is unaccompanied and there are no snipers. This is to maintain the inconspicuous nature of his hideaway villar disguises himself as a normal citizen.

    I think this is an opportunity that cannot be ignored, we would like to assist in the operation should you choose to follow it, we do ask o keep our cabinet informant secret to protect his position.

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    September 17th, 6:10 PM
    Office of the Chancellor, Reich Chancellery

    **Thank you Xavier. My cabinet and myself personally are happy to have your support. I'd like to organise that cooperative mission. Our troops are ready to move to El Pardo quickly and discretely to take Villar. He can then be taken to Berlin via Palma de Mallorca in less than five hours.

    Our troops will be initiating the operation on September 21st, and we'd like to have members of your special forces divisions to participate. Can we count with your forces' support?**

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    September 21st, 5:51 PM
    El Pardo, Madrid

    Lt. Beckenbauer's platoon was ready for the operation. They were dressed as civilians and were inside a small SEAT van, waiting for the unexpecting objective to come over their position. After a few minutes of waiting, Joaquin Villar appeared, walking calmly, unexpecting what was going to happen in the inmediate future. Fast as thunder, Arnold Beckenbauer and two fellow men left the van. They approached Villar and as two of the men grabbed him, the other one put a black bag on his head and took him to the van. Corporal Vance rapidly closed the rear doors of the van and took them out of there. In a few minutes, the van entered national route 6 (N-VI). After an hour driving, the van arrived to Guadarrama, where a civilian helicopter would be waiting for them. It would take them out of Spain via Miudea. It was the end of Villar's terror government.

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    September 22nd, 13:32 PM
    Madrid Government Palace

    Captain Hazzarcan of the Madrid government, the Os Corelian mole met with his supporting Corelian special forces and took over the palace defeatig the last of the troops, most of whom surrendered upon hearing the capture of Villar. Hazzarcan took to the national podium to address Spain

    Dear citizens of Spain Villar's reign of terror is over, this morning Grossdeutches Reich forces captured General Villar. The forces of the General have been pacified and you citizens are now free, I have to reveal my true identity I am Koshi Arlacaza of The New Parliamentary Republic fo Os Corelia head of Kota D special force. We are aware there is a lot of repair to be done and we are going to help you acheive this.

    Pro Democracy Leader Miguel de Galdeano will be installed a president and he will call an election once we have stabilised the country. Our forces will remain to aid with peace keeping only. The days of terror are over.

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    October 1st, 5:30 PM
    Grossdeutscher Occupation Authority HQ, Royal Palace, Madrid

    Major General Domenech had been busy during the previous days, organising the new administration of the country after it's invasion. Now, he was having a meeting with other lower rank military officers, regarding the division of the country in four military occupation districts.

    General, administering a country as a whole is very difficult. The best way is to divide the country in four military districts: District I (Castille, Madrid, Murcia, Extremadura and Andalusia), District II (Catalonia, Balearic Islands, Aragon and Valencia), District III (Portugal and Galicia) and District IV (Basque Country).

    I have to agree with Colonel Muster, General.

    Don't we have the risk of tearing the country apart?

    Of course no, sir. We propose that the Reich administers District I and II, Os Corelia to administer District IV and Angleter to administer District III. After the process of dismantling of the Spanish war machine, a referenda will be celebrated to decide on the future of each district. They will be allowed to either stay in Spain or go independent.

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    Khatkar received a facsimile from Berlin telling him of Germany's intention of partitioning Spain.


    He's ill today, Sir. I'm Sharokin.

    Right. Sharokin, call a few MPPs and barons and ask them if they're interested in being part of a taskforce. See if any of them speak Portuguese, too.

    Forgive me, Sir, but why Portuguese?

    Well, Domenech out of Germany has drawn up a partition plan for Spain. We get to administer Portugal and Galicia- Galicia speaking a dialect of Portuguese too. I intend for us to form a National Taskforce for the Occupation of Portugal (NTOP) to decide how to run the occupation once the military takes it over.

    And when would that be?

    And when would that be, Sir. We shall start on Monday, and should have full control of Portugal by 11th October. Hopefully. We'll have to run this all by the Reich to make sure. Now get to it!

    On it, Sir!

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    October 10th, 3:00 PM
    Royal Palace, Madrid

    The conference between the representatives of Occupation District I and II had begun. General Domenech was presiding over the meeting while Vice Admiral G?rlitz was representing District II and Jan Čern? was representing District I.

    Vice Admiral, herr Čern?, have your administrations already decided the date for the referendas to take place?

    We already have a date for District II, sir.-_G?rlitz said.

    We've done the same in D I, sir._

    The referenda will be taking place on December 6th in District II.

    And on December 7th the same will be done on District I.

    Wow. You synchronized yourselves?

    Indeed. We have also prepared a proposal for the questions to be asked at that referenda.

    Čern? opened his suitcase and extracted a paper sheet, which he gave to General Domenech.


    Referenda on the future of Spain:

    Read carefuly before answering to the following questions with a cross on the square of each option. Remember, your answer will decide the future of you and your people.

    *****Do you want your territory to remain part of the spanish nation?

    *****What form of government do you want for your territory? (If you answered negatively to the first question)

    *****What form of government do you want for Spain? (If you answered affirmatively to the first question)

    It looks like a pretty fair voting sheet. It gets approved. The future of this country will be settled on December 7th.

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    ==MEMO to all governments concerned with the occupation of Spain==

    The Angleteric army has successfully seized complete control of Portugal and Galicia, and has set about reconstructing major buildings damaged in the war. An occupation committee known as NTOP has been formed, comprising two military officers, two Angleteric civilians, and two Galician-Portuguese civilians. For the sake of convenience, the entirety of the territory shall henceforth be referred to as 'Portugal' in all walks of life for the duration of the occupation.

    We are confident of a plebiscite taking place in the first or second week of December, based on how quickly reconstruction goes and also on how Portuguese people shall react to the occupation. The plebiscite questions shall go as follows after a unanimous agreement by NTOP:


    Plebiscite on the status of Portugal and Galicia, 2010.

    1. Do you desire for Portugal to become an independent state? YES/NO.

    2. Do you desire for Galicia to become an independent state? YES/NO. [only in Galicia]

    Please note that if a majority of voters oppose Portuguese independence, it shall revert to Spain. If a majority of voters in Galicia oppose Galician independence, it shall revert to Portugal if independent, or Spain otherwise.

    3. In the event of a union of Portugal and Spain, which constitutional model would you prefer? MODEL ONE OR SIMILAR/MODEL TWO OR SIMILAR.

    4. In the event of an independent Portuguese state, which constitutional model would you prefer? MODEL ONE/MODEL TWO.

    5. In the event of an independent Galician state, which constitutional model would you prefer? MODEL ONE/MODEL TWO. [only in Galicia]

    MODEL ONE: A parliamentary constitutional monarchy under the reign of the House of Braganza and the rule of the leader of the largest bloc in the lower house of a bicameral Parliament.

    MODEL TWO: A federal presidential republic under the rule of a directly-elected President with a bicameral Parliament acting as a check on the President's power.

    The results of this plebiscite shall be put into effect on 15th January, 2011. Elections in an independent Portugal and Galicia would be held under Angleteric and international supervision on 22nd January, 2011. The continued presence of occupation forces post-election would be at the discretion of the government in the area.

    Military officers, retired or active, will be banned from participating or voting in any elections. Any political movements aligned to Villar's style of government shall be banned.

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