Commission Elections August 2010

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    Voting opens at 2030 BST 7/8/10, and ends at 2030 BST 14/8/10. The candidates are as follows:

    • Christiane Vooleeck (GDR, PES) - Incumbent (Premier)
    • Felice di Francesco (NI, EPP) - Incumbent
    • Alexander Kligenberg (INQ, EPP)
    • Maleeka Liszckoszi (OSC, ELDL)
    • Peter Petrenko (UNF, PEL)
    • Moulay Ismail (MAR, N/A)POST TO VOTE, one vote per nation, puppet-voting is strictly prohibited. If a nation is caught puppet-voting, these elections shall be invalidated and those responsible shall be held to account.

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    One vote for Felice DI FRANCESCO of Nazione Italiana.

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    One vote for Christiane VOOLEECK of the Gro?deutsches Reich.

  • One vote for Christiane Vooleeck

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    One vote for Alexander Kligenberg of North Inquista.

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    One vote for **Maleeka Liszckoszi ** of The new Parliamentary Republic of Os Corelia ELDL

  • One vote for Moulay Ismail of the Kingdom of Marrakechia.

  • One vote for Moulay Ismail of The Kingdom of Marrakechia.

  • One vote for Peter Petrenko

  • One vote for Christiane VOOLEECK of the Gro?deutsches Reich.

  • One vote for Maleeka Liszckoszi of Os Corelia.

  • One vote for Christiane VOOLEECK of the Gro?deutsches Reich.

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    Results are in! The total turnout was 11 out of a possible 102 (10.7%). This is again far too low, although it is better than I expected after the fraud fiasco.

    The results are:

    Christiane VOOLEECK, 4 votes, 36.4%.
    Moulay ISMAIL, 2 votes, 18.2%.
    Maleeka LISZCKOSZI, 2 votes, 18.2%.
    Felice DI FRANCESCO, 1 vote, 9.1%.
    Alexander KLIGENBERG, 1 vote, 9.1%.
    Peter PETRENKO, 1 vote, 9.1%.

    Therefore, Christiane Vooleeck (GDR, PES) is hereby elected Premier Commissioner of the European Union for a second term. Congratulations.

    Moulay Ismail (MAR, N/A) and Maleeka Liszckoszi (OSC, ELDL) are hereby elected to the Commission. Congratulations to them both.

    Felice di Francesco (NI, EPP), Alexander Kligenberg (INQ, EPP) and Peter Petrenko (UNF, PEL) have tied for fourth place and so shall proceed to a runoff, where the first two candidates shall be elected to the Commission.

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    I would like to offer many congratulations to Christiane VOOLEECK for her election to Premier Comissioner for a second term.

    I look forward to working with you as my predecessor did.

    Here's to our bright future!

    Maleeka Liszckoszi

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    I'd like to thank the other three people who trusted me enough to give me their votes, and wish good luck to the three runoff candidates as they come to the closing etape of the commission race.

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