The Kingdom of Miudea

  • The Kingdom of Miudea

    miud. Darrien dy Miudy?ne
    khz. Ara?duelle Mi?de?n

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    Motto : ?Lord, give us justice / United in diversity?
    Anthem : "Hey, Miudeans"

    Hey, Miudeans

    It still lives
    the spirit of our grandfathers
    As long as the heart of their sons
    beats for our nation.

    It lives, it lives the Miudean spirit,
    It will live for centuries!
    Vainly threatens the abyss of Hell
    and the fire of the thunder.

    Let everything above us now
    be shattered by a storm wind.
    The cliff cracks, the oak breaks,
    Let the earth quake.

    We stand firmly
    like the mountains,
    Damned be the traitor
    of his homeland!_

    Capital (and largest city) : Narnathil (miud. Narnaty?l, khz. Na?rnatille)

    • 2010 census 12.541.234
      Old Capital(s) : Odeba, Ksunn

    Official language(s) : Miudy?n (Miudean), Khazalia?n (Khaz'alien)
    Recognised regional languages : Vertoque (Vertock), Sol?een, Arabian, Hebrew

    Official Religion : Orthodox Christianity (78.8 %)
    Minority religions : Islam (5.1%), Roman Catholic Christianity (4.9%), Judaism (3.7%), Wicca (0.5 %), Other (7%)

    **Ethnic groups ** : 67.3 % Miudean, 21.4 % Khazalia?ne, 11.3 % other ( Vertocks, Soleens, Hebrews, Arabs, Spaniards. Greeks)

    Demonym : Miudish, Miudean

    Government : Parliamentary democracy and Constitutional monarchy (Monarch chooses who will be his successor, who need not necessarily be his eldest son. The scope of succession may be matrilineal, patrilineal, or both; or, rarely, open to general election when necessary. The husbands of queens regnant do not usually share their wives' rank, title or sovereignty.)

    -King : Nikola? II Pleunid

    • Prime Minister : Mikhail Elderevsk?

    Royal Coat of Arms

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    EU accession : August 1, 2010

    Area :

    • Total 983, 562 km^2

    Population :

    • 2010 census 114.000.000
    • Density 80.6/km^2

    Currency : Euro (?)

    The capital city of Miudea is Narnathil. The territory of Miudea is subdivided into 83 provinces for administrative purposes. The provinces are organized into regions for census purposes. Each province is divided into districts.

    Provinces usually bear the same name as their provincial capitals, also called the central district; exceptions to this custom are the provinces of Killikum (capital: Arrales) and Vertokin (capital: Ksunn). Provinces with the largest populations are Narnathil (+12.5 million), Odeba (+4.6 million), Vertokin (+3.8 million), Ly?gae (+2.5 million) and Rowy?n (+2.0 million).

    Capital Narnathil is the cultural heart of the country. An estimated 75.5% of Miudea's population live in urban centers.

    The total number of military personnel is approximately 522 000.

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