Artemis 4

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    August 13th, 2:03
    Artemis 4 Lunar Lander

    The four astronauts were waiting inside the module for a green light to be given from Oberpfaffenhofen Control Center. The landing had been postponed for over seven hours, as it had to be done at 19:15 of August 12th. Finally, at 2:10, the green light was received. Vanessa Chevalier, the grossdeutscher female astronaut and pilot of the lander, went to his seat and initiated landing maneuvres to land on Mare Humboldtianum. The sea of Alexander von Humboldt would finally see german, and european feet on it. After a 10 minute long descent, the Adler finally took ground on the Moon.

    Oberpfaffenhofen, Humboldtianum Basis hier. Der adler ist gelandet. (Oberpfaffenhofen, Humboldtianum Base here. The eagle has landed)

    When this message arrived to the Oberpfaffenhofen control room, everyone in the base cheered and celebrated. For the next 35 minutes, the crewmen put on their spacesuits and prepared for the first moon walk.

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    August 13th, 2010. 2:55 AM
    Artemis 4 Lunar Lander

    Chevalier, K?llner, Khamakretam and {{Italian astronaut}} had all four put on their space suits and were ready to land. K?llner would be the first one to leave the lander and put his foot on the moon. He would be followed by Chevalier, Khamakretam and {{Italian astronaut}}. K?llner would be given a few moments to say some memorable words before touching the moon. Finally, at 3:15 AM, hour of Oberpfaffenhofen, Sigmund Calvin K?llner, born in Meissner, Rheinland, descended from the Adler's stair.

    While I'm standing here, a few meters above the moon, I can do nothing but feel proud of humankind and being part of it. If it wasn't for our scientific achievements and for the efforts and hard work of several thousand people back home, I wouldn't be here, having this inmense honor. Dies ist ein kleiner Schritt f?r einen Menschen, aber ein gewaltiger Sprung f?r das Reich, Europa und die Menschheit. (That's one small step for a man, but one giant leap for the Reich, Europe and humankind)

    When hearing this words, the entire Oberpfaffenhofen control room exploded in an uncontrolled sea of cheers, celebrations and hugs. Right after saying that, Sigmund jumped and set his foot on the Moon, to be standing there for all eternity, as a memorial to the achievements of humankind.

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    August 13th, 2010. 3:23 AM
    Mare Humboldtianum, the Moon

    As K?llner, Chevalier, Khamakretam and {{Italian astronaut}} were walking around the lunar surface, millions of people were celebrating all around the world. In the Reich, Os Corelia, Nazione Italiana, Zuid-Oranje... Even in Spain, where the troops and the people of the Balearic Islands had been able to watch the landing live on television on IB3. Meanwhile, on the Luftwaffe One, the Chancellor was preparing to adress the astronauts.

    Humboldtianum Base, Humboldtianum Base, this is Oberpfaffenhofen control center. We're preparing for a communication connection with the Chancellor at the Luftwaffe One en route from Tolouse to Palma. Chancellor, you can start.

    Thank you, Oberpfaffenhofen control center. Good night, ladies and gentlemen. Sigmund, Vanessa, Eliosa and {{Italian astronaut name who will be assigned a random italian surname if NI does not do it soon}}, the Reich and the entire Union is proud of what you have done. You have been able to land on a distant land and expand human aknowledge further beyond the limits of our atmosphere. What you have done today will be remembered for decades, even centuries to come. Humankind and european civilization are in debt with you for your achievement, and specially with Sigmund. Sigmund, what you've done today, and your words will inspire future generations for centuries and millenia to come. They will want to expand humanity far away from our small star system thanks to what you've done today. Sigmund Calvin K?llner, Vanessa Chevalier, Eliosa Khamakretam and {{Italian astronaut}}, I am pleased to announce that you will be awarded the Order of Otto von Bismarck for your efforts in expanding human aknowledge to the stars and beyond.

    That's an honor sir. Thank you for your words. We will all be expecting for our return home. From here we can see it, as what it is. A small, blue and green marble. But when we remember the humanity that resides in it, it grows inmense.

    Well guys, I think I'll let you proceed with the EVA. See you on the deck of the Vaterland next Monday.

    We will all be expecting for that, sir.

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    **August 15th, 2010. 20:40 PM
    Artemis Lunar Lander **

    _After a day of experiments and collecting various samples of the moon K?llner, Chevalier, Khamakretam and {{Italian astronaut}} retuned to the Lunar Lander module to secure the samples for analysis upon the crew's return to earth. Eloisa was excited at the findings of their walk and was amazed that she had acutally made it to the moon. She sat at the comms control to check in regularly. _

    Oberpfaffenhofen this Humboldtianum Base just checking in for the day. We have collecting samples Alpha 10 to Beta 7 and bagges for processing over

    Humboldtianum Base, this is Oberpfaffenhofen control center we copy you have the samples we suggest you guys get some sleep as tomorrow is a big day

    _Eloisa was about to head off to settle down for a nights sleep when the radio crackled to life _

    Humboldtianum Base, Humboldtianum Base, this is Oberpfaffenhofen control center. We have a special communication for you Eloisa I'll patch you through

    Dr Khamakretam this is Viscount Xavier I am calling you from Aerodimus on behalf of the people of Os Corelia. We are nothin short of astounded of your and indeed your crewmates acheivements on this mission. Europe is now looking fixated at the stars with wonderment and awe. I cannot begin to describe the naitonal sense of pride in your acheivements and how we are all overcome with joy at this occassion. This is the beginning of a new age in Europe where we can all be striving for unity and peace to co-operate to become a diverse and unique region.

    Parliament today voted on special bill which passedwith all 36 house members voting for the bill. This bill will now instate you as a Baroness of The County Hall for being such an inspiration. You will be a Baroness of your homes state of Seacove. My little girl saw you on television and said she wants to be an astronaut like you and I am certain several other little girls will dream the impossible and know with passion and belief it will come true.

    We wish to offer Sigmund Calvin K?llner, Vanessa Chevalier and {{Italian astronaut}} our congratulations for their massive success and they to will be honoured in the Corelian Fashion. The county hall and parliament would like to award them the first honours to be given to persons who are in situe not within the boundaries of our nation. We now proclaim the titles as: Lord Chamberlin Sigmund Calvin Kollner of Kaldoon, Lady Chamberlin Vanessa Chevalier of Haldon Province and Lord/Lady Chamberlin {{Italian Astronaut}} of Taloshiin. As Lord/Lady Chamberlin you receive the honour of being a member of the County Hall and hold a seat within your awarded city where you are an honoured guest and can visit and attend at any time. You will also be asked to attend events in official capacity if you so wish. We ask you to visit us in Corelia so we can emblazon you with a recognition fo acheivement.

    Sir this is an amazing hnour to speak to you, thank you for all your kind words and support. I can't wait to see the Erias Mountains again. I always wait for Corelia to pass by our capsule window.

    Get home safely Dr Khamakretam and I look forward to meeting you in person

    I will sir and I look forward to meeting you in Aerodimus

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