Narnathilian treaty

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    Palace of Youth

    Miudea - Gro?deutsches Reich Summit

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    Luftwaffe Two carrying the Vice-Chancellor, the Defence Minister and the Minister of Foreign affairs had taken off from Berlin the previous midday. They could have arrived to Miudea before, but Spain was right in the middle of the route, therefore, they had to take a longer route, with intermediate stops in Moscow and Rome, thus making of it nearly a trans-continental flight. Finally, the aircraft, a Bombardier Challenger 600, had touched the ground at the Narnathil airport. There, they were being waited for by a set of black cars owned by the Grossdeutscher embassy that would take them to the Palace of Youth, where they would hold the summit with the representatives of the Miudean government. After a half an hour drive through the streets of Narnathil, the delegation arrived to the Palace.

  • _The Prime Minister of Miudea, Mikhail Elderevsk?, has just welcomed Reich?s Vice-Chancellor, the Defence Minister and the Minister of Foreign affairs in the Palace of Youth. The summit was supposed to start at 10 pm yesterday, but it was delayed, because of the increased Spanish threat.

    During their meeting, they will discuss regional and global issues of shared interest, EU- EUOT relations as well as future partnership. Miudean Government had informed Reich earlier this year that Miudea is interested in creating both economic and military alliance, as well as making a possibility for Reich's army to settle on one of Miudean islands.


    1. Economy

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    When the motorcade arrived to the Palace, the ministers and vice-chancellor, along with their assistants and translators, where received by the Prime Minister.

    Premier Elderevsk?, thank you for inviting us-Vice-Chancellor Kristian S?nger said.

    After shaking some hands and having the official family photo taken at the gates of the Palace, the delegations entered the building. After entering a large room and taking their seats, VC S?nger spoke.

    The Chancellor has told me to apologise in his name for not being able to come, as he is now on our Spanish beachhead greeting our troops and congratulating them for taking the Balearic Islands. However, I think we can reach an agreement with or without Robert here.

    I think we can firstly talk about the economic aspect of the agreement. What we propose is this. Tax-free circulation of people and goods between our countries, and that our governments allow for companies of the other signatory to establish factories and facilities in our country. What are your thoughs?

  • Minister of Economy, Slavian Derdevy : _Our countries have different natural, human, and capital resources and different ways of combining these resources, they are not equally efficient at producing the goods and services that their residents demand.

    We have estimated that the free trade is usually beneficial to both countries even if one has an absolute advantage in the production of both goods that are to be traded. Given any two products, a nation has a comparative advantage in the product with the lower opportunity cost. The terms of trade must be such that both countries lower the opportunity costs of the goods they are getting from the trade.

    Why do countries have different opportunity costs? They have different endowments of productive resources -warmer climates and longer growing seasons; more plentiful natural resources such as oil, iron ore, and water; more highly educated and skilled workers; and larger quantities of more sophisticated machinery.

    The economy of Miudea is yet to be developed. The country is among the EU's leading producers of agricultural products; textiles; motor vehicles, ships and other transportation equipment; construction materials; consumer electronics and home appliances. In recent years, Miudea had a rapidly growing private sector, yet the state still plays a major role in industry, banking, transport, and communications.

    Miudea ranks sixth in the EU in terms of the diversity of minerals produced in the country. Around 60 different minerals are currently produced in Miudea. The richest mineral deposits in the country are boron salts and Miudea?s reserves amount to 72% of the world?s total. According to our estimation, other natural resources include coal, iron ore, copper, chromium, uranium, antimony, mercury, gold, barite, borate, celestine (strontium), emery, feldspar, limestone, magnesite, marble, perlite, pumice, pyrites (sulfur), clay, arable land, hydropower, and geothermal power.

    To conclude - we have a plenty of natural resourses, but we need larger quantities of more sophisticated machinery which Reich can give us. Miudea has many low paid workers, and I am truly convinced that Reich will give them proper jobs in Miudea by opening many new factories in industrial zones. _

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    The Reich's high tech industries could provide the Miudean economy with better means and machinery, and I promise that our companies will open factories here in Miudea, while respecting laws regarding job and human dignity. However, our mining companies would like to have rights to dig and extract minerals in the country, as well as establishing geothermal power plants.

  • Minister of Economy, Slavian Derdevy : _Still, there are very strict eco-laws here, you know?

    I am pretty sure that Miudea can supply Reich with cheeaper natural resources, for the next 10 years, as long as our workers are happy and satisfied. biggrin.gif We can arrange that. _

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    Well, of course they will be following each and all laws regarding their activity strictly, including environmental laws.

    On the supply of natural resources, that ten year agreement would be great news for our stock markets and economical recovery. Also, we would be willing to help Miudea train better skilled workers to establish a high technology, aerospace and communications sector in the country.

    Is there any other thing on the economic part that you would like to discuss?

  • Minister of Economy, Slavian Derdevy : _Yes. We think that Miudea and Reich can establish a common policy of economic and financial sanctions. The application of sanctions can be a powerful tool - an instrument of a diplomatic or economic nature which seek to bring about a change in activities or policies such as violations of international law or human rights, or policies that do not respect the rule of law or democratic principles.

    They should target as closely as possible the individual states and entities responsible for the undesirable policies and actions. In other words, all those countries we consider to be our potential enemies should be under strict economic and financial sanctions. So, if Reich wants to use restrictive measures on a certain nation, Miudea will do the same and vice versa._

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    We have nothing but to agree on that. I think that on the economic ground, we agree at one hundred per cent of the content. What if we now proceed to the military chapter?

  • Prime Minister of Miudea, Mikhail Elderevsk: _We want you to sign almost the same treaty as you did with The Government of the Parliamentary New Republic of Os Corelia. _

    The Government of Miudea and the Government of the Federal Republic of the Gro?deutsches Reich, exercising their legitimate power to defend themselves and to achieve a better future within the framework of the European Union, agree to the following:

    Title I: Defence

    Article I
    The Governments of Miudea and the Gro?deutsches Reich agree to participate in annual joint military exercises

    Article II
    The undersigning parties agree to assist each other in case of military conflict

    Article III
    Both parties shall grant each other complete military mobility within the national territory, jurisdictional waters and airspace controlled by said Governments

    Article IV
    The government of Miudea agrees to allow the armed services of the Gro?deutsches Reich to build one military base per armed service in its territory. (We have already choosen the Vaseljena Island)

    Title II: Cooperation

    Article V
    The government of Miudea will take part in funding the Gro?deutscher space programme and will be allowed to participate in it with qualified personnel like technicians and astronauts

    Article VI
    The undersigning governments agree to the free passage of people and goods between their two countries without the necessity of border checks or controls. The undersigning governments deserve the right to suspend this article for a limited ammount of time for security purpuoses

    Title III: Validity and entry into force

    Article VII
    This document shall enter into force by August 19, 2010

    Article VIII
    This document shall remain valid for 10 years. When this period is overcome, the treaty shall be renovated for another 10 year period if the undersigning parties wish so

    Article IX
    The Treaty is official in either the German, English or Miudean language. Each Party will receive an official copy of the Treaty in both languages to be kept in the protection of their Governments

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    The Grossdeutscher government agrees and will be signing this treaty.

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