Commission Runoff August 2010

  • We have a tie of three candidates for the final two Commission places, and so we must progress to a runoff stage. This runoff shall begin at 2100 BST 14/8/10, and shall end at 2100 BST 21/8/10. The candidates are as follows:

    Felice Sesto DI FRANCESCO (Nazione Italiana, EPP)
    Alexander KLIGENBERG (Inquista, EPP)
    Peter PETRENKO (Unfreedomia, PEL)

    You may vote for one candidate only. You must post to vote. Puppet voting is absolutely prohibited. The two candidates with the most votes shall be elected to the Commission. If there is a tie between two candidates for last place, they shall proceed to a third runoff. If all three candidates tie, they shall all proceed to another runoff.

  • One vote for Felice Sesto DI FRANCESCO

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    One vote for Felice Sesto DI FRANCESCO

  • Moderator

    One vote for Alexander Kligenberg of North Inquista.

  • administrators

    One vote for Felice DI FRANCESCO of Nazione Italiana

  • One vote for Peter Petrenko Of Unfreedomia

  • One vote for Peter Petrenko of Unfreedomia.

  • One vote for Felice Sesto di Francesco of Nazione Italiana.

  • Moderator

    Gosh, darn it. Now I'm getting beat by the socialists. unsure.gif

  • One vote for Peter PETRENKO of Unfreedomia.

  • One vote for Felice Sesto DI FRANCESCO

  • One vote for Felice Sesto DI FRANCESCO

  • Results are in! 10 votes were counted, a turnout of 9.5%.

    And the results are as follows:

    Felice di Francesco (EPP, NI) 6 votes, 60%.
    Peter Petrenko (PEL, UNF) 3 votes, 30%.
    Alexander Kligenberg (EPP, INQ) 1 vote, 10%.

    Felice di Francesco and Peter Petrenko are hereby elected to the Commission- congratulations. Alexander Kligenberg is eliminated- commiserations. Christiane Vooleeck may now form her Commission and designate her line of succession.

    This Commission, Vooleeck's and di Francesco's last, shall be dissolved on or before January 21st, 2011.

  • administrators

    Congratulatutions mr Petrenko and di Francesco! You all three fought hard, but sadly, only two could join the commission. Mr Kligenberg, thank you for trying your best. I expect your candidacy for the next commission election. Keep fighting hard and you'll get what you want.

    Thank you all for voting and taking part in the democratic process.

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